Here are some links that I really like or that I go to a lot:

Polyvore: A great site for making and sharing your fashion masterpieces. It can also be used to make and share Home, Beauty, and Art & Expression-related sets. This site was recommended to me by a friend, and now I love that friend even more. ;)
 <> My Personal Polyvore Page: My page where I create sets about what else? Fashion! This is the site where I get most of my outfit pictures. I started a series called "Polyvore Lately" that takes a look at what sets I have made, and this series will also show some of the items on Polyvore I have been obssessed with recently. If you want more, you don't have to wait until the next Polyvore Lately! Feel free to check out my personal page and see more of my sets and items.

Bloglovin': A site to follow blogs and share your blogs. That is where I go to follow a lot of fashion blogs, and share Fashion teal.

Sticky Situation Girl: My other blog. It's full of insightful things, poems, and "undiscovered" ideas. It's basically the other, crazy-intense, unrelated-to-fashion side of me. It's also very deep. Sadly, it has ended, but you can read the other posts.

Covet Fashion: A game available on iOS or Android devices that I have and absolutely adore. You can create looks and enter in contests for money or diamonds. The whole game (even the models) looks very mature and sophisticated. It's all very fun. I can play for hours, although it doesn't seem like a game, it's more high-end and sophisticated, with all of my favorite clothing and accessory brands.

Nanette Lepore Official Site: My favorite designer's site. Check it out. The clothes are utterly perfect. Sometimes, I'm on that site for hours, just looking at clothes.

Elisabetta Franchi Official Site: My other favorite designer's site. I love, love, love her clothes, and I like looking at them and picturing great outfits with them. Her style is amazing.

YouTube: A great video sharing site that—well, you probably know what YouTube is. I go on YouTube to watch Vines, up cycling clothes videos, and much more. I sometimes watch movies too. I don't know how life would go on without YouTube. :)

Twitter: Twitter, the site to tweet your heart out! Check out Fashion teal on Twitter here. I post about my blog, so be sure to read!

- Bellashoot: A really cool site that shares everything beauty related. My personal page can be found here. This site lets you share and save beauty photos, posts, tips, reviews, and more! I love Bellashoot in all of its beauty! Make sure to create an account to join in on all the fun.

Etsy: A totally cool site where you can sell your creations. There are awesome fashions for awesome prices.
<> My Personal Etsy Page: This is my personal Etsy page. I might start selling some of my creations, so watch out for that!


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