Monday, July 3, 2017

Elie Saab fall 2017

     You know how much I like collections. I haven't been able to peruse the web, hunting for collections lately, due to *another* fashion show I'm in. (I know, when does it ever stop? But I'm having fun, so it's OK for me.)
     However, that all changed when one of my friends showed me a collection that completely blew me away. And that collection was property of Elie Saab, a Lebanese designer. And he is pretty darn talented, let's just say that. Even though that's a giant understatement.
    So, I could just sit around and talk for a hundred years about how amazing Elie Saab's work is, or I could show you. I mean, isn't that the point of fashion? To show and not just tell???
     So without further ado, I will show you some of my top picks from this gorgeous and totally innovative collection.

     Want to see more of this collection? Click here for all of the looks.
     If I were to ask people what stood out to them most within this collection, they would probably say the "big, long, beautiful skirts." And while that's definitely a reason why this collection is to die for, I loved looking for the detailing in both the bodices and the skirts. It was s intricate and breathtaking, it was almost hard to believe that it could exist. I also adored the bit of the garments. Not only did they fit perfectly, which is to be expected, Elie Saab paired the structured, fitting bodices beautifully with long, flowing, A-line shapes. One example that stood out to me was the red, cold shoulder gown. The skirt wasn't nearly as big as the others, but it still caught my attention.I also saw that silhouette in the black, gray, and gold-detailed dress. The dress was perfect, a real dream.
     I also want to add that these gentle and pretty formal dresses that still pack a punch in terms of impeccable detail remind me of the brand Marchesa. Now, I can love both of them, appreciating them for their similarities and differences.
     Now, I can honestly say that the Elie Saab fall 2017 collection is one of my favorite collections! I'll make sure to watch for his other collections in the future.


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