Monday, June 5, 2017

Birthday time

 If you must know, June 5 is my birthday. Yeah! Today, on Monday, my regular post day, my birthday came around! How cool is that! I'm turning one year older, and it's always cool to reflect on the year I'm leaving behind. And to think that June 5th would've been just another day to me if I wasn't born on that day.
     Being older is a funny thing. You don't really notice that you're older until it's your birthday. And what it actually is your birthday you don't feel like you actually have aged, at least for me. Today, I woke up and it didn't really register with me that it was my birthday. It didn't really register with me that I was one year older, or one year " wiser." But today was a very fun day, I can say that. My friends and family were all here to wish me a very happy birthday, that didn't go unnoticed. But I keep saying it to myself, "I'm one year older! I'm one year older!"
     Birthdays used to be a big deal for me when I was younger. There were parties, extravaganzas, millions of squealing children running around the house. There was food, there were games. There were presents. Lots and lots of presents. All the works. Now, don't put on such a big production for my "special day." It's not that I don't like birthdays; I do. It's just that I have a different way of marking the milestone now. And it's still special to me.
     But one of these days, I might just throw a big party, just for fun, just for kicks. It's always fun to think about how you're going to celebrate. Because you're only going to turn the age you are once. Why not make it fun? At least if it's not fun that you have in mind, aim to make it memorable. Because being older can be a special thing. It can make you realize things that you wouldn't have had you been five or ten years younger. For example, I've been reading a lot of poetry lately, and poetry has some deep meanings that a couple of years ago, I would not have been able to guess. There are some life lessons that have been repeated to me over and over that I am now starting to get from the experiences that I have had being older. It's cool to know that life can teach you things that you didn't know. It's cool.
     I used to want to be younger. It was all I wanted when the pressures of life became to be too much. And in a way, I still do want to be younger. But if I was younger, I would not have been able to find a place where I felt like I belong, like this blog. This blog has offered me an outlet like no other. And for that I'm truly grateful.
     How do you guys like to celebrate your birthday? Big parties or small gatherings? I guess you could say that I'm in the middle. There's no place I'd rather be.
     Well, guys, that's all I've got for today. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go celebrate my birthday right now, the way that I want. And it's gonna be fun. How do I know? Because as I said before, it's gonna be the way that I want. Have a great day Fashion tealers xx


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