Monday, June 12, 2017

Another organza

     Yeah, in case you haven't gotten the picture. I like organza. I like it a lot. Also, I had quite a bit left over from my DCFW project. So, I decided to use the leftover to create a new skirt. It's like a replica of the big, standout piece, only it's shorter.
     I personally love it. I think that even though the bigger one is gorgeous, it's more difficult to deal with. With the smaller one, it's easy to smooth it out and go. However, the smaller skirt doesn't have the showstopping quality that the bigger one has. It's more street style than dazzling formal occasion, if you know what I mean.
     See for yourself! Which one do you like more?

skirt: kamila
top: kamila
scarf: Laila Rowe


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