Monday, May 8, 2017

Hampton beach day

 No, I already know your question. I did not go to the beach in the Hamptons. I just had that image in mind while creating this outfit. The striped shorts so remind me of the beach. And so do the wedges. I mean, who doesn't think of beach and then wedges? Throw in a straw hat and you've got the look.
 When thinking of a beachy vibe, I go towards the shorts and wedges, but who knows? Throw in your own spin to the outfit. A straw bag, maybe. Some sunglasses. Or the hat I mentioned.

shorts: TJ Maxx
top: Forever 21

 See what I mean? Don't you think of a woman teetering on the sand on a beach on a bright, sunny day? Because if we're playing word association, or rather, outfit association, I see the outfit and think beach. And since summer is around the corner, it kind of makes sense.


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