Monday, April 3, 2017

Playing with light

 Let me just start by saying that the outfit is always the focal point for all of my posts. However, I did decide to call some attention to lighting this week. I used flash on my camera to sharpen up the image a bit and give it more of a teenager-y quality (using flash, I'd almost expect to be wearing Adidas Superstars instead of the shoes I'm wearing), almost like those flash pictures taken at night and put on Instagram and Twitter or wherever they're put. Flash is great except for one thing, the colors kind of shrink away and what assumed is that my dress is black and white instead of navy blue and white. Albeit it's a very deep navy blue, but it's still there, Let's see if you can try to differentiate between the pictures using flash and not using it. I don't think it'll be very hard.
 And I know all of my outfit is from Walmart. Not proud, I admit. But I saw this dress (funny, while on the hunt for cereal) and loved it instantly. I also found three others which I will be featuring in a post sometime soon.

Dress: Walmart
Shoes: Walmart (with some DIY tweaks)


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