Monday, March 27, 2017

Shoe crush: Oxford ankle booties

 Finally got a pair. Finally got around to taking some action besides just drooling over them. I ordered a pair of black lace up wedge ankle booties, and they came, and I feel on top of the world.
 I'm not going to take away from the suspense from providing endless detailing about them. I'll just show you. They are gorgeous, I'll just say that. Have a look at these amazing booties.


Find them here

They're comfy, they're suede, and they're all I've ever asked for and more. I recommend you go out and purchase a pair ASAP. And not even these specific ones. Just these style of shoes. Unless you don't want to buy this style of shoe. Then don't. You can just buy whatever shoes you want. Just go out and buy some shoes! Be on top of the world too!
 I admit, Ebay is pretty low-end for me and not usually at all where I buy my clothes and shoes, but these shoes were too good to pass up. 
 Now, I want to show you an outfit that I would wear with it. Really, you can wear pretty much anything with it. In the pictures with me wearing the shoes, I'm wearing cropped leggings, and they go great. But what you can wear isn't limited to cropped leggings. You can wear these beauties with maxi dresses, wide-leg trousers, pretty much any type of dress, miniskirts, rompers, anything. And of course... even my all-time favorite, boyfriend jeans. Even those. Especially those!
 For this outfit, I decided to experiment with coarser materials and all black accessories (to pull the black shoes into the outfit and make them look like they belonged and weren't acting as an accent for two different colors--which isn't even a thing) for more of a structured and composed look. However, the headband and flirty bow on the dress did add some whimsical fun back into the outfit.

Shoes: you already know where to find them, but just in case, I'll link them here again
dress: Gap (I know. I don't love this store, but I did like the dress)
phone case: Casetify
sunglasses: Amazon
earrings: Eternal Collection
choker: Windsor
jacket: Hollister


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