Monday, March 13, 2017

Polyvore recently 4

 I'm doing another Polyvore recently this week because I've been really inspired by Polyvore. Like always. But more this time. So many items, sets, and people coming together to make it a really good place to be on the Internet. And that's one of the reasons I love fashion. Not only is it an artistically positive world, but it gives so many opportunities to create, share, and inspire between like-minded people. And that is achieved in few other areas of life.
 So once again, I stress this. If you don't currently have a Polyvore account, it would really be in your best interest to get one. You don't have to create "competitively" and have the most followers (I certainly don't); you can use it as an outlet. A place for your creativity to be artfully dumped, for lack of a better word. And I've met so many cool people on Polyvore. What's the worst that could happen? I encourage all, men and women and boys and girls, to give it a go.

"Refuse to admit"
The shirt pays a little homage to how we took hate and sexism and turned it into something totally different. The shirt is partially obstructed, but it says "Nasty Woman." Get it now?

"Familiar pro bono"


"Garden tea"

"Boring bored bore"

 Now onto the items that I've seen on Polyvore lately...

I saw this while looking at headbands on Polyvore, and I loved it so much! I've been really into headbands lately, especially the big and decorative "fascinator"-type  ones. They're so pretty and fun, and even though headbands aren't exactly in style anymore, I still see the good in them and what they used to be. I saw this one while browsing and thought that it was so cute and quirky that I wouldn't mind having one of these. Of course I couldn't resist clicking the little heart next to it on Polyvore.

I saw this case a couple of years ago on Polyvore and made a set with it. That set was on my old account. (I had another account years ago and it was suspended for some reason that I think had to do with one of those annoying age-restricted contests. Whatever.) Anyway, back to the case. I've loved it ever since. In fact, I've tried countless times to find this case and had no luck. Until a couple of days ago. I've always really liked this case. I like the femininity of the winking eyes and the pretty eyelashes, and I like how they were drawn and not photographed. The simplicity of the case also made it one of the reasons it stuck in my mind.

Lacy tops like these weren't always really up my alley, but I saw this one and loved it. I like the deeper, more subdued, rose-themed colors and the gorgeous floral design. It's intricate without it being too much, and it reminds me of more high-end, designed-just-for-women brands (even though the top is only $69 and not, I don't know, $269!!). I imagine that it looks great on whoever modeled it on the online site. With the right skin tone for this blouse, of course.

 Well, that's about it. I hope that this post convinced at least one person to venture happily to the creative, fun, expressive online site that is Polyvore. Have a great day. xx


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