Monday, March 20, 2017

New series: Colored choice 1: Deep teal

 The reason for this creation of a new series is twofold. One, I've seen this done on other blogsm and what better place to get inspiration for my blog than from other amazing blogs? Also, it's an easy way to provide content for those busy, over-the-top days that have been coming my way frequently. And no, it's not sloppy or lazy, it's my way of bringing something to the table that's easy to blog about yet new and different.
 Now, onto a description of this new series. It's called "Colored choice" because it's a selection of different garments (the "choice" part) that all have, more or less, the same color (the "colored" part). And I plan to include one accent (because you know I love accents) clothing item of my choice that will go nicely with one of the other items displayed. It's hard to explain. So I'll just show you what I mean.
 Look out for the two different-colored items side by side and see their contrast. Juxtaposition is a great word for it. Because you know I like juxtaposition.
 Teal is my color for this post because... just because I like teal. And for the first time doing this, I figured sticking to my favorite color would be safest for now.

See? Juxtaposition. And it was thrown in randomly, so you didn't know where to expect it. Teal and white... what do you think?

 So, what do you think about this new series? Tired or inspired? I kind of love it, actually. It's really cool to highlight a color for a day for your (and my) wardrobe inspiration. Go out and buy something in this color if you can. Maybe buy one of the items in this set?


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