Monday, January 16, 2017

One jacket 3 ways pt. 3

 Today, I bring you the final outfit. Part 3. I'm excited about this outfit because while this mini-series was entirely focused on my brand spanking new jacket, I'm completely head over heels for what I'm wearing on my feet. The boots with the scrunched socks make my feet look delicate and small, and I like a shoe and sock pairing that's able to do just that. So, don't just look at the jacket, look at the whole outfit, and pay some more attention to the shoes than usual.
 But anyway, back to the jacket. Still ecstatic to be wearing it, still thinking it was my favorite Christmas gift (but I just don't know, I got so many gifts that I loved!). I just love wearing it, and it makes me so happy. So for those of you tirelessly searching for a significant other to make you feel glee; instead, maybe try searching for that perfect leather jacket. The perfect one is so trustworthy and it'll stay with you for a long, long time. I promise!

jacket!!: gift
sweater: gift (from Christmas as well)
bag: Target
leggings: Walmart
socks: Nike
shoes: Sam and Libby

 Did you see what I was talking about with the shoes? I like how my feet look in these shoes; I should wear them more often. If only they weren't tight! Well, sometimes, beauty is pain. As Beyonce eloquently said, "pretty hurts." And in some occasions, I couldn't agree more. And everyone knows what I'm talking about!
 Well, that's the third and final outfit of the series! Hope you liked that, and maybe I'll do it again. I'll just find one unique piece of clothing that I really, really like and style something around it.
 Oh, and the style for this outfit would be more HIPSTER/SENSIBLE.


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