Monday, January 16, 2017

One jacket 3 ways pt. 3

 Today, I bring you the final outfit. Part 3. I'm excited about this outfit because while this mini-series was entirely focused on my brand spanking new jacket, I'm completely head over heels for what I'm wearing on my feet. The boots with the scrunched socks make my feet look delicate and small, and I like a shoe and sock pairing that's able to do just that. So, don't just look at the jacket, look at the whole outfit, and pay some more attention to the shoes than usual.
 But anyway, back to the jacket. Still ecstatic to be wearing it, still thinking it was my favorite Christmas gift (but I just don't know, I got so many gifts that I loved!). I just love wearing it, and it makes me so happy. So for those of you tirelessly searching for a significant other to make you feel glee; instead, maybe try searching for that perfect leather jacket. The perfect one is so trustworthy and it'll stay with you for a long, long time. I promise!

Monday, January 9, 2017

One jacket 3 ways pt. 2

 Outfit 2 today. Still in love with this comfortable, beautiful, satisfying, perfect, soft leather jacket. Nothing's new; nothing's changed.
 So, here's the second new outfit I dreamed up. I am just loving how the extra long sleeves extend out past the jacket and soften up the look. It's really gives the outfit layers, and there has never been a time in my life where I was not a fan of layering.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy new year: One jacket 3 ways pt. 1

 Happy New Year, Fashion tealers! I hope that you had a prosperous 2016 and are heading into an even better 2017. I am seizing every opportunity to try and make it great.
 And yes, I know, it's hard to "look on the bright side" sometimes with a new year and new changes. It's hard for me, too. Like, really hard. I'm the worst with change. But, I don't want anyone to get bogged down by the hard stuff. For the new year, I want you to remember two things that have taken me a long way. One's from a totally cheesy Disney Channel movie, but I still remember it, so that shows how powerful it is. The second I've heard a lot, but it took one of my favorite singers, India Arie, to release a song with that title to make it really meaningful to me. I also remembered that my English teacher from years back got a tattoo of this phrase, and since then it's stuck in my head.
1. When things are bad, they don't stay that way.
and similarly,
2. This too shall pass.
 Make those two phrases your mantra for 2017, because I promise, it'll be just fine.
 Before I get into the outfit, I just wanted to say that the reason that you might have been recieving my posts late (*growling*) is because Blogger is having an issue for me in which my blog posts don't post (but it says they have) then just randomly show up a week or two later. It's ridiculous. But it's fine. Who knows, maybe this post will do the same thing. But I'm so sorry for this. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Happy day after new year, everyone.
 Now, to the good stuff. This outfit I'm so excited about.