Monday, December 12, 2016

Giuseppe di Morabito: the perfect cold-weather distraction

 As winter is nearing, you'll feel a chill and get cold. Very cold.  And I don't know about you, but the cold makes me very grumpy and I feel like it'll last forever. To distract anyone else who feels like me and can't wait for this cold to just leave, I bring to you a collection to help you focus on something other than freezing in this cold weather. It's called Giuseppe di Morabito, and their Spring/Summer 2017 collection is so gorgeous! I first discovered this brand on Moda Operandi, and I am so lucky to have found it. It complements my style in a totally different way that I can't get enough of. It's so feminine and floral (it is a spring collection after all), which is so beautiful.
 What I really like about this brand is not only the rainbow of light and pastelly colors, but the garmants themselves. From the bootcut pants to the long, flowing gowns to the outerwear selection, A-line skirts and dresses, all of the structures and kinds of the clothes are what I love and wear all the time. I like the light, chiffon-like fabrics mixed with the dark, more structured fabrics as well. It's also so unique! I am crazy about how Giuseppe di Morabito makes their collection their own, whether it's by creating lace-up trousers, bright purple (almost foil-looking) brocade items, big chiffon sleeves, or incorporating many different patterns. I love it! On another note, I'm also way too obsessed with their use of ruffles. I love ruffles, and I love Giuseppe di Morabito for using them so much.
 Even though I don't usually lean towards that level of elegance in my wardrobe, it definitely is something that I would and could beautifully incorporate into my wardrobe. I could pair a pastel, light-colored shirt with a leather jacket in the form of juxtaposition. I love juxtaposition in outfits. Gives me something to think about. I could also fully embrace the floaty and light feel of Giuseppe di Morabito by pairing one of their absolutely breathtaking dresses or skirts with a pair of similar colored but plain pumps, so as not to take away from the ethereal style already being projected by the garment.
 It's so hard to explain exactly what I love about it, so I'll show you some pieces, and you can see for yourself, and maybe fall in love a little bit as well, like I did.

 And now for some outfit magic... I used a skirt from the line, picked out two feature colors from it, and styled in blocks around it. I tried to keep the dainty feel of the skirt by using white gloves and a delicate marble phone case. This was the finished product. And contrary to the title of the set, yes, I am very happy with this outfit!

Do you love Giuseppe de Morabito or do you love Giuseppe de Morabito? 


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