Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas is coming

 I'm sure everyone who celebrates this amazing holiday knows that ts coming around the corner, and it's coming fast. We only have six days for our final preparations. By preparations, I'm talking about gifts, decorations, family plans, parties, and more. It can get a little stressful, but why does it have to be? Christmas and holiday break in general is meant to be a time of relaxation. It's supposed to be fun and merry and relaxing. Yet, we stress ourselves out involuntarily and create a general air of panic. That's why the term "holiday stress" was coined. It's not an elusive principle. We want everything to be perfect and with just the right amount of we-weren't-at-all-trying-too-hard-for-this-to-look-perfect. It's almost like a reflex that we can't help. But sometimes, it's perfectly fine to let it all go and let Christmas just, you know, be. It's okay.

 I think that we all try to hard to make our Christmas look just like the ones we see in movies, commercials, and other forms of media and entertainment. Or maybe we want to outshine friends, relatives, or coworkers. Either way, that results in competition for a title of "best Christmas," which really isn't even a thing. Celebrate it your way, not the way of the person next to you. Honor it the way and for the reasons you choose. It can be that simple, I promise.
 Isn't Christmas not supposed to be all about the gifts and more about the reason for celebrating, derived from the celebration of the birth of Jesus? If we really wanted a holiday just for gifts, we would have made Gifting Day, or something. If we wanted a holiday just for outshining people in decorations, we would have made a holiday for that, and so on and so forth. That's the way to eliminate some stress. Take away all the gratuitous bells and whistles and focus just on the reason for the season. That's one way to tackle it, right?
 Another way to get rid of stress in general is to make a plan of attack. If big parties and amazing decorations are your thing, then don't let me stop you! Make Christmas fun and beautiful. It's not a bad thing, just put yourself first. I recommend making lists of what you want to accomplish, then making to-do lists for each of the topics. It's the number-one way for me to get anything done. Not just for one event, for events in general. I'm not going to go on and on about to-do lists because I already have. But just know getting everything organized feels great.
 I feel that I don't get too stressed around this time. Not that I don't get stressed in general. Because I definitely do. I think that it would be mostly people who have a lot of their holiday credibility at stake. The biggest parties. The flashiest gifts. It makes me (and maybe them too) begin to wonder: what's the motivation? Why are you doing this? Is it a want or a need or just nothing at all? If you don't feel any motivation at all, it's probably not a great idea to force yourself and create more stress. Assessing your degree of motivation will help in the long run.
 One more idea for you to escape stress is to help others. By helping out people who are feeling the stress, you feel great and so do they. They say that many hands make light work, and light work means lighter stress. I see that all the time around holidays with my family. My mother and aunts and grandmothers and cousins all pitch in with the food and festivities, and I imagine how the host feels about not having to do it alone. It just helps that much more when other people in your family care about you to help you feel very cheery in the holiday season while still being able to revel in the work you've created. Then, you will be able to feel the holiday spirit too, and who doesn't want to feel the spirit?
 So this season, you can feel better yet keep all of the traditions and customs you still love. That way, you can be as holly-jolly as Christmas is. You'll be extricated from all that stress! And maybe that will help you stop and appreciate the little things more, like the Christmas music coming from your radio. I just love Christmas music.

You can do it! We're almost there! Don't forget to get excited for Christmas; it's 6 days away!


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