Monday, November 7, 2016

Starry night?

 I went to a space-themed dance the other night, and it was a ton of fun. They even had free drinks. That was great.
 This is the outfit I decided to go with. I ran out and bought this outfit the day before the dance. Great planning, right? It took me waking up that morning and realizing that I had nothing to wear to get me over to Forever 21, my all-time favorite store, for a quick shopping escapade.
 To achieve a space-themed look, I had to take into account the most used colors for space-themed anything, metallic shades. I didn't really like any of them with my skin tone, so I had to think logically. Metallic bronze was gross (it turns me positively orange), silver was too harsh and my skin is too light for such a color, gold was okay but a little too harsh, rose gold would be okay but I couldn't find any of that shade in Forever 21 on such a last minute trip. Someone please make this a popular color in the next season so I can find more of it!

 I considered the shades most suited for my tone, and gold was one of them. But it wasn't a metallic gold, it's more of a solid, steady gold that's a little on the darker side of the spectrum. I had to make a sacrifice though (remember, last minute trip), and I saw this metallic skirt, so I bought it. I also purchased this really adorable star print bomber that I was lucky enough to find. It's a bomber, which I've been dying to wear for a long time now, and it had stars on it. Stars and space go together almost too nicely, so I snatched it up and fell in love. I topped it off with a black shirt sleeve t-shirt and some metallic gold sandals and I was good to go. Overall, this outfit wasn't too bad. For a last minute getup.
 And yes, the jacket and skirt are a product of my frazzled self accidentally shopping in and buying items from the girls section. I honestly do not know why I'm buying so many items meant for kids lately. I guess they fit. Kind of.
 I was wondering why the jacket was a bit on the tight side. Oh well.

Jacket: Forever 21 (I know.)
Skirt: Forever 21 (Stop laughing.)
Sandals: TJMaxx
Top: H&M


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