Monday, November 21, 2016


 When people see an outfit such as the one I'm going to show you, they usually only look at the fancy shmancy part of it. They fail to consider all parts of the outfit. You know, what piece of the outfit actually makes the main piece stand out (there can't be light without darkness, and vice versa!), what accessories were carefully placed to finish off the outfit (in my case there were none), and all that good stuff. I like to look at every part of the outfit, and maybe craft another outfit in which I can wear each piece.
 This is really an unusual outfit for me. I wouldn't see myself wearing these two pieces together, because I might get annoyed with how they are so different. One's so fancy and the other is so... not. It seems like a war between dressy and casual, but then I realized, why is that a bad thing? Show the war in your clothes. Show that struggle that turns into something maybe possibly beautiful. Make people confused and baffled, in a good way. That means you've done it right. A good outfit shouldn't just show, shouldn't just tell, it should also inquire and confuse and challenge too.
 That's what I'm trying to get at when I created this outfit. I wanted to really ask myself these questions. Why pair these? What do I get from this pairing? Why not?

 Skirt: handmade
Sweater: handmade

What about now? Now, are you questioning? Good.


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