Monday, October 31, 2016

Costume day 2016

 Happy Halloween! How cool is it that this post lands on the exact day? I think it's pretty neat. Holidays and my blog never really work out too well; it's always the day before of the day after. Hope you stuff yourself to the brim with candy today, and get to absorb all of the amazing, boring, beautiful, stupid, punny, creative, cliche, and crazy costumes with the eye of an unbiased observer.
 I was a sock hop girl for Halloween, and due to my busy schedule, I only had time to make the skirt, scarf, shoes, and bracelet in the costume... But fortunately, they all came out great! Even though I stayed up until 11:55 PM to make that blasted skirt, I was proud of myself. Really, really proud.
 I made these cute DIY saddle shoes by using this link right here. It was so amazing and helpful, and I know I wouldn't have thought of using the technique they did. I was incredibly angry at first because I didn't know how to achieve the saddle shoes without spending $30 or over. But then, I did a little research and found a way to spend only five dollars. There you go, a little DIY action for you all.
 So, what were you lovely people dressed as for Halloween? And if you celebrate Halloween, being "nothing," "yourself," or "myself in the past/future" are terrible costumes and do not count. Laziness is not an option. You can see how not lazy I was making that skirt, and I expect the same from you. If you're really stumped and really late getting a costume, do what I did last year. Throw on a striped shirt and black pants and be a prisoner. Or, really quick, watch this video and get some inspiration. But always dress up for the only time in the year you can wear pretty much whatever you want and it's okay.
 So, I have some pictures to show you of my costume. Take a look!

Skirt: handmade
Polo: Target (and yes, I know, it's a children's shirt. I know. But it fits. Leave me alone.)
Shoes: Walmart (and some Sharpie magic)
Socks: Walmart
Belt: Target
Bracelet: handmade

Happy Halloween everyone! 


kamila <3

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