Monday, September 26, 2016

The Aftermath

 DCFW! It's done! It was a stressful experience (though not as much as the fashion show I organized and I'm still not entirely sure why), but it's done. I honestly am having a hard time believing that I'm going to have some free time from now on.
 I have some mixed feelings. On one hand, no more going to bed late and waking up early and freaking out about this or that or printing business cards by the dozens or sitting in front of my machine with cramping fingers. But on the other hand, no more nerves combined with excitement and no more meeting new, cool designers and models and no more amazing backstage experience (I loved the backstage experience) and no more seeing my models in my collection and no more helpful advice from my friends and peers. No more anticipating one of the most memorable moments of my life. Mixed feelings, right?
 For those who didn't get to see my live collection, I've included some (but not all) of the pictures fro  my collection. You will have to go to this site to see all of them. Here are just a few below,
 It was really a great experience. Looking past the stress, I would do it again. And of course there were some things I would want to improve or do-over. There always are. But they're minor things. Overall, the experience will go down in history as one of the best.
 See some of my collection now:

This was actually a picture from Deux Magazine where this picture was featured. Cool, right.

Also, make sure to go to the DC Fashion Week site and check out the other collections. That was my favorite part, seeing all of the other collections! They were all amazing and beautiful. Check them out. You won't regret it.
 It was a great time for me. 
 And before I close, I want to give a great big thanks to my wonderful assistant, my lovely, beautiful mother, who stood by me (and never yelled once!) during all of my breakdowns and energy bursts. Love you. So much. 
 Also, I want to thank everyone who supported me and/or came to see me. Thanks! I really appreciate it. Seriously.
 Now, I'm going to enjoy my first early slumber in months. I know, exciting.


kamila <3

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