Monday, September 12, 2016

Marc Jacobs crushed it

 New York Fashion Week has been drawing to a close, and I haven't gotten to watch more than one show. This is a total disaster. I'm so busy I haven't gotten to watch the new collections! Luckily, I have something I love keeping me busy (other than school), DC Fashion Week. It's been a ride, but I know it will pay off in the end.
 The DCFW fitting was yesterday, and I feel great. It was such an amazing experience, really! The models were super awesome, most of the clothes fit with little alterations (this I am very glad about), and the environment was perfect, sunny and bright. I had a blast, and I am even more excited about DCFW now. Aren't you? Get your tickets and see my collection.
 While I was busy sewing, altering, and doing school-related stuff, I had time to squeeze in a fashion show. I saw the Marc Jacobs show and I liked what I saw. I really liked it and wanted to show you. I love the slightly futuristic feel I got from the collection. It's definitely different from last year, in the sense that both collections are amazing in different ways.
 Without further ado, let's see some of the looks:

Wrapping it up with the slaying queen of all models, Gigi Hadid!

 A number of observations caught my eye while watching this collection. I saw camo, metallic fabrics, and uber-high heels (I think everyone saw this detail!) make an appearance. I also noticed cottons, playful patterns, funky (sometimes pleated) minis, and short hemlines. It all contributed to the slightly futuristic but down-to-earth approach. Overall, this playful, girly collection could possibly be added to your work attire to brighten a Monday, bring life to a Tuesday, celebrate a Wednesday (Hump day!), beautify a Thursday, or spice up a Friday. Versatility, anyone?
 You can see the rest of the fabulous looks in this wonderful collection right here. Really, check it out. It's so worth it.


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