Monday, August 22, 2016

Part 2: California

 Part 2 is here. After our beautiful and relaxing visit to Mexico, complete with (a) beautiful hotel room(s) and a beautiful view, albeit the beaches weren't so clean, we ventured to the West Coast, home to the Kardashians, the idea of the song "California Gurls," and last but not least, aggressive driving. We encountered a lot of that while in The Golden State. It was like a symphony of horns ensued as soon as I stepped through the doors of LAX airport. Luckily, my family got to hear a lot of that music (especially in Los Angeles), since we were on the road a lot. Two hours or more at a time. This reason explains why some of my pictures are in a car.
 The food was delicious, the beach water cold, the sightseeing amazing. I loved California and it's intricate ways so much. And the views in California? All-around gorgeous. They literally took my breath away. I found myself not being able to look away from all the rugged mountains, dancing palm trees, and modern houses (my favorites were the ones on top of the mountains!). My brain would tell me to do something else while in the car, but my eyes would refuse to listen, and I would keep drinking in the views. The drought took nothing away from California's beauty. If anything, it sharpened its prime features like the mountains and palm trees, stripping them down to make them look more real. There was also a really cool windmill farm. It's a really neat way to generate power. It stretched for a good half mile. I saw tons of slowly spinning windmills.
 Oh, and I saw surfboards, too. Lots and lots of surfboards.

This is the first of many, many photos snapped from a car. Get ready.

We went to La Jolla Shores the second day we were in California... the water was freezing, but the water was magnificently clear (clear enough to see a giant fish swim by me one time!) and the waves were really great.

Saw tons of palm trees. Not seeing them often makes me want to snap a million pictures of them.

Windmill farm! Doesn't it look cool?

I'm obsessed with the mountain views.

We went to Mount Hollywood, and I saw some impressive views there as well.

Hollywood Sign! A high point in my trip was seeing this famous landmark.

This is the Griffith Observatory. It's a really nice planetarium with killer views. I didn't know of its existence until we came here. It would be a great place for a science field trip or astronomy club trip. That is, if you're up for driving on a very windy road to get there.

This is a close-up of the Hollywood Sign from a telescope at the Griffith Observatory. I loved seeing the sign in more detail.

This is a complete "chart" of the periodic table of the elements. There are some of the elements inside of the little lighted boxes. It was awesome to see.

Ventured to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I saw one of those tacky Star maps on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard, and what the heck? I decided to take a picture of it, just for laughs. 

The stars begin!

Took a quick break for some shopping. There are tons of places to shop on Hollywood Boulevard!

Unfortunately, Beyonce does not have her own star on the Walk of Fame, so her former singing  group, Destiny's Child, was the closest I could get.

 California was such an amazing, vibrant place with a laid-back vibe that I loved, and I hope to go back someday, armed with noise-canceling headphones for the traffic, comfortable shoes for walking long distances, and more money to shop till I drop, California-style. 


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