Monday, August 8, 2016


 Yesterday and August 4 were top-of-the-line days. So much happened between this blog post and the last one. August 4 was special because it was my friend's birthday! Happy birthday; I love you dearly and I cannot thank you enough for always always being there for me. What I cannot believe is that it's been another year of spending time with you! It's amazing how many amazing people are in my life (and how many birthdays are happening too!). The day was also amazing because I got a lot of fabric. And not your everyday fabric from Jo Ann's. I mean the good stuff. The stuff from England.
 I should tell the story first so you understand what I'm talking about. So, my mother works with a woman who has a mother who just died. It's starting off to be a sad story. But it gets better, I promise. Anyway, the woman's mother has so much fabric that she bought and brought to the USA, and by so much, I mean nine huge, full suitcases brimming with fabric. That much, really. She likes fabric and sewing, just like me. Except I don't have nine huge, full suitcases brimming with fabric. 
 So the woman who works with my mom, knowing how much I love to sew, invited me and my mom to her house to go through the nine suitcases of fabric, hailing from England might I add, and pick out whatever I wanted. Seriously. Well, there were some that she wanted to keep, but I totally understood that because the fabrics that she wanted to keep were more high-end. Not that I was complaining, Fabric from England in large quantities? This was the most high-end I've ever experienced.
 When I got to this woman's house, she had envelopes and bags of samples of the fabrics, one envelope or bag for each suitcase. I know, smart, right? When I finished picking the fabric samples I wanted, we went upstairs and picked that fabrics that matched my samples. As the pile got bigger and bigger, I became more and more elated. I was also a bit guilty because it felt like I was stealing from  her. I soothed my worries by telling myself, Hey, she invited you to take all this fabric off her hands because she doesn't know what to do with it all, it's not like you invited yourself. That made me feel better. 
 So after I selected my fabrics, the hardest part would be taking them all downstairs. Luckily, we got them downstairs in one trip, and getting them out to the car was easier because it was adrenaline of thinking of what I was going to make with all this fabric that kept me going. Ideas were racing through my head as we began to drive home. 
 I was so excited. And extremely grateful as well. Thank you so very much for your contribution to my career. It was such a thoughtful thing to do, and I know how this could be hard, giving away your mother's fabrics, but just know these fabrics are in good hands. I cannot express how thankful I am for your act of selflessness and kindness. I will always remember you as someone who helped me advance in what I love doing most. It was a great thing to do, and always remember how you helped me so much.
 Here are all of the gorgeous fabrics:


 That was my fabric story. Now, yesterday was the model call for DC Fashion Week. I had fun but I was serious at the same time. I saw so much talent, and so much potential. Sure, there was good, but you also have to acknowledge the not-as-good there as well. There's always two sides to the spectrum, and I definitely saw a variety of that said spectrum. The model call was about an hour, and when I got there, I definitely felt the artistic talent in the air (and the air conditioning... that place was cold!). It was held in the ballroom. I saw around 90 or so models walk (over 200 auditioned!), and I made notes of some of the models that I wanted in my collection.

This was an intermission during the model call. Obviously, there were many many more people present and auditioning, but a lot of people left their seats for the intermission. This was one of the few times I got to take pictures. The rest of the time was sheer focus on my part.

Stopped at The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City for some food. And a little bit of window shopping too.

 All in all, it was a tremendous couple of days. These two days helped to fuel my fashion career, and no doubt will I remember these two days as very significant moments in my life.
 I also finished two of my standout pieces for the show. I would show you, but you'll be able to see them at the Metropolitan Emerging Designers and Indie Artists showcase at DC Fashion Week! It's on September 24 from 7-9 PM at the Liasons Hotel. Purchase your tickets at Hope to see you there!


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