Monday, July 11, 2016

Polyvore recently 2

 The second Polyvore recently is happening today. In case you didn't see the post about my new series, "Polyvore recently" is a new and exciting series on my blog showcasing my love for Polyvore. I'll show a few of my sets, then go on to a few items I've saved on Polyvore that I'm currently lusting over.
 About Polyvore, if you visit my page, you'll see that the newest set is about 20 days old. It technically is that old, but it was edited on July 1. It's that dated because I made a bunch of quick and ugly sets to preserve my Style Icon status. Then I went back and edited them. So it's technically that old, but not really.
 Now that everything's explained, without further ado...

I experimented with a new color that I don't think I've ever used in any of my sets before. It's really... bright. I don't know about love to describe this color (and I honestly don't know if I'll ever use this color again), but it's definitely different.

 Now for my coveted items...

 That's about it, then. Tell your friends to check out my Polyvore account and get inspired too. And don't worry, my page will be fixed soon, back to it's clean, unbroken self. No more ugly sets; it'll just take time. 


kamila <3

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