Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth and one hundredth

 Lucky for me, today is the 4th, the exact day of the holiday. I can wish you a happy fourth today, and not early or late because today is the fourth! This means there will be fireworks celebrating the holiday (on this very day!) that you've got to see.
 Today is also a special day because this is officially the one hundredth Fashion teal blog post! It seems like the first was so far away, almost two years ago. I am so excited to be celebrating this amazing day, and thank you all of my lovely readers for supporting me to continue all the way to one hundred. One hundred took some time, but it's so worth it. I can't thank you enough. Today is a very special day. Wow, I've been dishing out so much good news lately.
 Today is a special outfit post due to the fourth and the one hundredth, so I'm going to make it count. This outfit is my Fourth of July outfit, extra special because I made the dress and the scarf (neck scarves are huge, so I made sure to capture this trend). Also, since this is a milestone for my blog, the outfit is so so special to me. I picked it very carefully. I decided to do (minimal) blue and white with pops of red because red is the boldest color. So it doesn't overpower the other outfit colors, I made it an accent color. I also got to break out my new wedges in this special (debut) blog post. Not that I haven't worn them tons of times before. I'm lucky that the light colors of the dress can work well with the white of the wedges. It was totally unplanned, but much appreciated.

Dress: handmade
Scarf: handmade
Bracelet: upcycled gift
Shoes: Light in the Box

 Happy Fourth, and happy one hundredth! Today, we're celebrating the milestone of a nation and of a fashion blog. 💯  🎆              


kamila <3

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