Monday, June 13, 2016

Shoe Crush: White two-strap wedge sandals

 Shoe crushing hard today. This time, I actually own these shoes. I actually took my love into consideration (would these make me happy? Yes!) and put a plan into action. The plan being buying these gorgeous pieces of eye candy referred to as shoes, waiting anxiously for them to arrive, slipping them on my awaiting feet when they actually do arrive, and feeling like a princess.
 This purchase had only a little to do with the fact that it is wedge season, and more to do with wedge craving in general. The plan was to buy some cute summer shoes to wear for my graduation ceremony, but that didn't work out because the shoes came about a day or two late. I was perusing Polyvore, my favorite shopping site, and found some wedges, but none of them were the one. I eventually, after much defeat, moved to plain old Google, and there I found them on a fabulous site called Light in the Box, after eliminating close-but-not-the-one-material wedges. I saw these wedges and positively swooned. Perfect for summer, perfect for formal events, simple but not boring, they were beautiful. Really. I immediately sent them to my mom, who agreed on the purchase, and I was good to go. When they arrived, I squealed and ran over to open the package. These wonderful shoes were every bit as beautiful as I expected, and for the first few days, I wore them around the house, all the time.
 Now, enough of me raving. You'll see for yourself...

 One of the many many things I like about the shoe is the platform. It's really beachy and sort of rugged in a feminine way, kind of like me. If I were to be a wedge, I would be these (or these probably) wedges because they are so my style. They're also incredibly versatile, and hey, white's gonna be a huge color this summer!


kamila <3


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