Monday, June 27, 2016

It all pays off (HUGE NEWS)

 I have huge huge news for you all! But... it will be revealed after this outfit post first. Oh, and hint: this news is good. Really good. Amazing, actually.

Top: Forever 21
Denim: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: gift
Ring: Claire's

 Now. The good news. The great news. The can't-contain, can-barely-sit-still kind of news. I have a piece of news so huge, I can't think of anything else except for this news. Because Fashion teal is a fashion-related blog and this is fashion-related news, it only makes sense to let the readers of this fashion-related blog know as one of the first people I tell. The first thing I did after receiving this news was tell someone. Text one of my closest friends, one of the few people that actually knew about this beforehand. Then, of course, I had to update this blog post and tell you, the reader, what I just found out.
 Anyone reading this with a focused mind would probably be screaming "Well, can't you stop beating around the bush and tell me what the news is already?" And yes, I can. I want to. Enough beating around the bush. Right now.
 Well, before I tell you the news, I need to tell you the story. This isn't bush-beating, this is telling you the story. Here's the story:
 It all started with a girl I had never seen before in my life
 I was happily sewing away at my sewing school this past month, and a girl I had never seen before in my life come in with her mom. Her mom, excitedly gushing (as she should have been) explained to one of the instructors that this girl, her daughter, had been selected to be a designer with a 12 (I don't remember the exact number)- piece collection at Baltimore Fashion Week. That's amazing! Congrats! It was due to her supposedly amazing sketches. I'd never seen them before because I'd never seen this girl before. I didn't get her name, or even really anything about her, except that she was insanely talented. Oh, and she had really cute shoes. But this girl, this girl I had never seen before in my life, turned out to be extremely helpful in advancing my fashion design career. This was because as I rode home from my sewing school, I realized that if this girl could do it, so could I. She got into Baltimore Fashion Week? I'd try for... DC Fashion Week. It was far-fetched, so I needed to talk this over with someone. When I got home, I FaceTimed one of my close friends, and together we visited the DC Fashion Week site and looked through it. I found the designer application, and after talking to that (extremely supportive) friend, we decided that I should at least give it a go.
 I worked on that application for days. I mean days. Not hours, days. I was stressed, but not as stressed as the fashion show I had planned earlier in the year (remember that post?), and when I sent the application in, I was apprehensive. Was I really going to get accepted? I didn't think so. Because of my self-doubt, I didn't tell anyone that I applied.
 The news came 5 days later. The email (shown below) was all around my favorite email I had ever received in my life.
 "Dear Exhibiting Designer, Congratulations! We are notifying you that your designer application was reviewed and approved for DC Fashion Week."
 At that moment, nothing could measure up to that feeling of happiness. Nothing.
 The very very first thing I did was read the email and stop at the approval line. I remember putting my hands over my mouth in complete and utter shock. "Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh."
 The next thing I did was message my closest friend, telling her about the 911 news. The rest was a blur of telling my parents, taking picture after picture of the email itself, and feeling a feeling of complete elation.
 That's the news. After a couple of decisions are made, I could be a designer at DC Fashion Week. It's no NYFW, but its my NYFW.

See? Amazing.


kamila <3

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