Monday, April 18, 2016

The big overview

Hey girls,
 Friday, April 15 was the big day. The fashion show day. It was a day of expected stress, fun, and satisfaction at the end. I outlined the entire process in the last post. There were problems, of course, but they were solved. Also, there were some things that I liked and some that I didn't. This is expected. What I tried to do was to enjoy and replay the things that went well and think over and try to correct the things that didn't go as well as I thought. We did have a major problem, which I will discuss later, but for the most part, the backstage portion ran smoothly. The entire show was actually quite smooth, as a matter of fact. That doesn't mean there were things that I didn't like. I'll talk about what I liked and didn't like about the show itself, and.
 There will be pictures of the fashion show to come, so look for that.

- people liked it!: I was extremely happy with the reaction of the show. I thought that I would get some kind of congrats from people, but I didn't know that I would receive so much! With each compliment and each round of applause after every outfit (which isn't really the way to applaud during a fashion show but whatever, I liked it this way), I felt better and better about the show itself, despite the things I didn't like as much. At the after party, I received a ton of compliments on the outfits and how talented I was (aww, thanks!). It was simply amazing how many people appreciated my hard work.
- after party: The after party was divine. There were so many delicious foods brought in by people in my grade, and it was a great place to go and relax after a stressful but gratifying event. I talked to a lot of people, some who complimented me on a job well done. That was the nice part. It was a beautiful place to have a party, and there were even some decorations! That portion was great, and I liked it a lot. Oh, and I got to eat a lot of strawberries too. I like strawberries.
- stage: The stage was perfectly constructed. The placement? Not exactly what I expected, but I'll get to that later. The stage consisted of risers pushed together to form a T, which was exactly what I wanted but thought I couldn't get. The length was great, it was near the seats, which was perfect, and there was plenty room for the models to walk there and back. I would give the stage design an A, plus there were dotted yellow lines, keeping the New York theme! Awesome!
- models were amazing: The models really displayed the practice they had had. I was blown away, and even though I couldn't watch the show itself, I did see videos. The models were great, NYFW-ready! Their blank stares were perfected to a T, their strides were confident, and they walked perfectly with the music. I did work on stopping longer so the models could show off the clothes, and it wasn't like they practiced. I get it, though, because standing in front of a group can be a bit nerve-racking, so the stop (I said 2-3 beats of the music) was a little shaky. I get it. But overall, the models were great! I was really proud of them.
- not many major problems: There weren't that many problems worth stressing about, and that was something (one of the many somethings) that put a smile on my face. There was one major problem, but that was solved with a bit of improvising on my part. One of the models, Alexis, did not have part of her second outfit. This was my fault, so I took it upon myself to solve the problem. I used a knitted infinity scarf that we weren't using for an outfit, it was an extra, and instead used it as a knee length pencil skirt. Bam! I was so proud of this quick thinking. Stuff like this was not common during the show. Problems were usually smaller than this, which I was glad about.
- money raised: $270! The people really were generous with their money and in the end, all of this money is going to a charitable cause, which really brightened my already bright mood, thinking about the lives of people I will be brightening. This cause was something that I am really passionate about. First, my home state, next, the world! One of my goals is if I become a big name, I want to use my influence to better people, both in the online world (blogging) and in terms of their lives in general. I want to help fight against violence, poverty, hunger, domestic and child abuse, and many more. I think the main problem with the world is people, and understanding and helping people is the way to cure the world of its gruesome disease. My fashion show was a way to start doing this.

- better turnout: I wish more people could have come to the show. I know this is not something I can control. People decide themselves if they want to come, but I feel like I could have been better in this. I could have advertised more. I could have put out the word more to people simply by word of mouth. I was planning to get this fashion show on the news, but they never covered this story. It's okay though. I can't control that, either. Because I have no control over this, I'm not upset over this. Disappointed? Kinda. Angry? Nope.
- no curtain dividing backstage from show: There was no curtain dividing the backstage from the action. This, naturally, was a problem. The models were concerned about where they would get dressed, and I was too. Luckily, there was some room to get dressed without being seen, but I feel like a good fashion show keeps all of its backstage action backstage. This no-divider situation was kinda bothering me, but there's really nothing I can do about it now, because it's over. But, I can try in the future to improve what I didn't like.
- light outside was not satisfying: It was light outside. Like, daytime light. A good fashion show operates at night. It adds to the mystery of the designer's collection. Because there was no darkness, there was really not as much mystery. Plus, I couldn't really play with the lighting inside because it was light outside, so it wouldn't matter what I did with the light. I can definitely fix this in the future, just by planning for the show to be in the winter (it gets darker faster), plus I can strive to plan for the show to be later in the day. I'm not to mad about this, except it kind of ruined my fashion show vision. Oh well. Mother Nature will be Mother Nature. I should have researched this more.
- stage placement: The stage was not evenly between the two entrances/exits. This kind of irked me. I wasn't too upset, because it wasn't a big deal. The models could still walk in and out of the one (partially blocked) doorway.
- tables: There were tables set up. I didn't want that. A fashion show could either have all seats surrounding the catwalk (which I wanted), or it could be more of a dinner-and-show theme with tables for people to sit around, with the tables all surrounding the catwalk. Nice idea, except deep down inside, I knew that there would probably not be enough people to do that. I wished the tables would be completely and totally gone from the room. It didn't work that way. Only a few tables had been cleared, leaving sort of a sloppy, halfhearted look, like someone started to move the tables and then gave up and said "Forget this." and just walked away. Whatever, again, not a big deal.
- people didn't embody formal theme: People were not dressed formally to convey the sophisticated theme. This bugged me especially as I saw the people at the admissions table. I feel like even if I did ask people to dress formally, they wouldn't. They'd just disregard me. Well.
I also had an idea for someone (dressed formally, of course) to be a "doorman" and hold the doors open for people as they came in and say something like, "Enjoy the show." But, I feel like that would've fit the mood if it was darker outside. Oh well, maybe for a milestone birthday party, or something. How about 50?
- venue didn't embody formal theme: The venue was a bit, well, not the place I expected. I wanted something more elegant. I'm not ungrateful, just reflecting. I liked the space and the build of the room, just not the elegance (or lack thereof). Once again, just reflecting.

 I was overall happy with the show. If I were to give it a number rating (1 through 10, 10 being the best), I would give it about a 6.8 - 7.1. Not bad, right? Even though there were some things I could change, I'll choose to focus on those for the next show (there will be another show, don't you forget it!) and think about the things that went well.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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