Monday, April 25, 2016

An unexpected twist

Hey girls,
 First, happy birthday Gigi Hadid! 21, wow! 
 Today is a special post, because all of the clothes featured are handmade... by me! I was very excited to show what I have made, especially the pants, because I want to display some of the clothes made from the fashion show. Phoebe rocked the top, while Ellie miraculously showed off the pants.
 The pants are the answer to my sewing prayers. I have wanted to make or get my hands on these kind of wide leg pants for quite some time now. I really love extra wide-legged pants because they give room to move and while the waistband contours to the body nicely, the pants flow out and tumble around the legs, creating a loose yet structured sophisticated feel to amp up almost any outfit. I was itching to start this pants pattern for a number of reasons. One, I'll have another pair of (linen!) wide leg pants, finally! Two, It's harder to make then some of my other garments. Not too hard that I gave up on the first step, but not too easy that I breezed through without a challenge. I'd say that the challenge was the waistband. Oh, that waistband. Let's just say that there was more waistband than pants, which made sewing the waistband to the pants difficult. I had to seam rip and sew three times. Frustrating.
 Anyway, below is the outfit that I've subconsciously wanted to wear. The pants, however, were on the front of my mind. I've always wanted pants in a more structured, definitely more wide-legged form (the more the better! is my philosophy), like these. And the fact that they're linen? I love. 
I also added an unexpected twist to this outfit. I included round toe shoes instead of pointed toe, like I usually wear, or would wear with these pants. What? But I like that style, pointed toe with wide-legged. I couldn't believe it myself. As I planned this outfit, my mind automatically went to my pointed toe option, but something told me to stop reverting to my safe zone. It's choices like deciding to incorporate round toe instead of pointed toe that back up my New Year's resolution to experiment with different options in terms of  my personal style. I'm actually glad I went for round toe, though. It's something different.

Top: handmade (similar here)
Pants: handmade (similar here and here)
Shoes: Boscov's

 A few things I like about this outfit. One, those very wide-legged pants. Ha! Two, the muted colors. There is no bright color that really fights for attention, which, to me, is nice. Three, the crop of the shirt that slides nicely into the waistband of the pants. Nothing seen? Nothing seen. Four. I kind of have grown to appreciate the round toe. Who knew? Maybe I should apply this whole try-new-things idea when it comes to food. Then again, maybe it's safe in fashion.
 I would highly recommend that you put wide-legged pants onto your wishlist. If you haven't you should! They're comfy and totally fashionable. High-end, too. It's perfect for me!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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