Monday, March 21, 2016

Top Five Faves: Silk and satin slip dress

Hey girls,
 Another Top Five Faves today, this time centered around slip dresses. As I have grown my style, experimented with the different trends, and encouraged my fashion boundaries to expand (one of my New Year's resolutions was to be more flexible with fashion), I have become fond of more trends that I usually dismissed with disinterest or originally recoiled at. I think my love of slip dresses, a recent obsession, was one that I didn't really care about. Now, discovering it, as I discover other fads, I see it as it really is: divine. I have been really paying more attention to the trend, and I have been jumping for joy when I see it worn. It's really a perfect match for me, because I love satin and silk. I really enjoy sewing with satin, and I love the texture of silk. Incorporated into a dress with some lace? It's the paragon of perfection. Below are some examples in which I applaud the wearer for including a little slip dress number in their outfit, introducing the dress perfectly to the accessories and shoes in the outfit. Bonus points for lace.
 Examples of the perfection called slip dresses are below:

This is a pretty well put together outfit. I like the length of the dress, and the pairing of a t-shirt and the slip dress was actually very genius. With my kind of style you would think I would have some kind of issue with it, but in this outfit, it's no problem. The reason for this is because the spaghetti straps are nicely juxtaposed against its white background of a shirt with sleeves. The bodice is beautiful! I am so for the spaghetti straps that come down into a triangle-like bodice, and the v-neck is so pretty. I have no issue with the scarf; it looks great with the outfit, like something you would see during PFW. The jacket tied around the waist is nice, a little distracting from the outfit, but nice. 

Mary Kate, you've done it again. The genius, silk-meets-silk pairing of a slip dress with a kimono is so incredibly inspiring. And is that... yep. Lace! The lace on  the bottom is such a nice touch, really pulling its weight to pull the outfit together and create a clean, finished look. The whole look is so elegant and cool in that street style kind of way. The wide sleeves on the kimono are great because tight sleeves with a slightly tight dress would have ruined the appeal of the outfit. I like the oversized sunglasses, they're so chic, like the rest of the outfit. The dress is a nice length to go with the kimono because it looks even more cute yet daring paired with something long, to show the little black slip off. Props, MK.

Laid-back and casual yet fashionable is how I would describe this outfit. I would say this mainly because of the sandals. Being honest, when I look at this outfit, I mainly see the sandals. I know that this is a slip dress post, but this much is true. The sandals aren't distracting (well, maybe a bit, but just a little bit), they just are the main piece of the outfit that sets the mood. It's a good thing that I don't have an issue with these sandals, I actually find them very fashion contemporary, because if I had an issue, these shoes would be all I would see. That's such a shame, though, because I genuinely like the rest of this outfit. The cream colored slip dress is really satisfying with the black blazer, and although black is the dominant color, it's not dominating the outfit. I see lace too. Check! The dress is my favorite part of the outfit because of the length and how simple it is without being boring. You might think because I went on and on about the shoes, that they're my favorite part of the outfit, but they're just the main focus. Although I do like them.

Grunge? Tough meets feminine? Rustic look? A simpler version of Alexandre Herchcovitch's summer 2014 collection? Teen casual with a grown-up twist? What? It's hard to put a label on this outfit, which is why I won't try to. I could say rustic/camping fashion because of the flannel (which may or may not be coming back), but then there's the classic and smooth, silky slip dress, which makes the whole rustic/camping fashion kind of questionable. I could say elegant casual, but you see the flannel staring you in the face. So it's not just elegant casual. It's hard to put a style on this look, which is a factor that makes me love it a lot. I like it because of the two different components combined to create a new kind of fashion. This a major example of juxtaposition. The top of the dress, once again, I heart. I also really like the color of the dress, like a muted gold mixed with a very light tan. Really nice. Also, I like the minimal jewelry. Especially the rings.

All joking aside, I am so head over heels for this look. Head over (these beautiful!) heels, I just want to run to the nearest store and buy this outfit and never take it off ever. That's how much I love it. I think the reason why I love it so much is because I am in an elegant and traditional beauty fashion mood. I think the fact that I was looking at wedding dresses earlier has something to do with that. But overall, I can't get enough of the outfit! The beautiful in an understated way heels up the sophistication of the already sophisticated dress. With lace! Neckline, perfect. Length, divine. Fit, amazing. I am really amazed that such shoes exist. I love the height and the uncomplicated design only makes me crave it more. I covet the mood of the outfit and I want this air of sophistication and all around tastefulness in every single one of my outfits. 

  These five outfits make me glad that I have experimented and broadened my fashion choices since January 1. I love slip dresses! I'm really in love with how flattering they are to the body. Especially the ones with lace.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3