Monday, February 22, 2016

NYFW 16 ended

Hey girls,
 I'm currently in a slump because NYFW ended a couple days ago (I'm too sad to even count). I will miss NYFW very much, but I already have September to look forward to! I have to accept that NYFW has come to a close, there's really no other way to say it. At least I can recount about my favorites.
 During NYFW, a lot of stunning and wonderfully different looks came down a number of runways at a number of designer shows. And while I couldn't watch every single show, I did watch many. It was an exciting time for me because I got to see all the new collections from all my favorite designers. Not only did my favorite designers stun me with the amazing collections (every collection that I watched was incredible in its own way), but some new designers that I had never heard of captivated me with their collections. Below are some collections from both my favorite designers and my new favorite designers that really stood out to me:

 Marchesa's collection was by far my favorite collection. It completely took my breath away. I felt an intense longing for every piece in the collection. Every thing was just so beautiful! I couldn't believe that such beautiful clothes existed in the world. The dresses were perfection; a divine mix of long and short hems in unbelievable levels of elegance and grace. A floral pattern was incorporated, and it upped the beauty factor in the dress. I also saw a flapper-like style, which seems like it wouldn't go with the theme, but it absolutely did. There was a lot of jewelry in the show as well, which I absolutely loved! I really thought it was an incredible choice to include jewelry with the looks on the runway. It was so, so pretty! I need every single piece. If you didn't watch this collection, please please watch it! It is so breathtaking, and you will instantly fall in love with the collection and the brand, just like I did.

 Tommy Hilfiger, you did it once again! You created a perfectly amazing collection with a great theme. I think the nautical theme was totally inspired, and I love it so much. Of course, Gigi Hadid worked the runway in a stunning silk dress, and every other model looked fantastic in their equally amazing outfits from this splendid collection. I really liked the floral, nautical, and striped patterns. I felt like I was at a boating dock with stylish models at my side. The outerwear was totally fabulous as well, and I liked how shearling and two toned colors were used.

 The collection was classic, creative, and it seems like it was created just for me. Every look was totally my style! I really liked how darker colors contrasted with bright greens, purples, and blues. The main color used was brown, and I've never seen brown used so nicely, and in a way I actually like nonetheless. The use of knits and brocades left me feeling totally inspired, and the extremely stylish outerwear was the (fashionable) bow on top of the gift from the designer Michael Kors. I was also drooling over the shoes. The shoes were so pretty and dainty, and they neatly wrapped up the entire outfit. (I'm using a lot of gift analogies, not sure why.) This was a great collection in so many ways, and I'm very glad that I saw it.

 This collection was all about suiting. I saw various, inspiring versions of suits through the collection. One thing I really liked were the dark silks and leather mixed with the bright patterns, it created nice juxtaposition. On that note, I loved how leather was used in the collection. It was amazing! I saw blazers paired with wide-leg pants, a divine pairing. I also admired how the collection mainly stuck to one or two pairs of shoes; I thought that necessary in this collection. This designer brand staple did an excellent job once again.

 I was riveted when I watched the Tory Burch collection. It was all about being preppy and put-together. Dark greens, crisp whites, and royal blues with pops of bold red were all used to form a collegiate appearance, which I really liked. Usually, I'm not into preppy attire, but this collection made me want to run out and buy every preppy piece of clothing ever made. I was so enamored with the argyle patterns (there were a lot), and I was totally infatuated with the knits, like the sweaters, and how (with argyle) they really pushed the collection farther into the collegiate category. The belts were divine, I love the colors and how they belt itself popped off of the outfit. There was leather and shearling too, some of my favorite materials, and instead of it giving another theme to the collection, it really fit in, yet it stood out. I also was excited to see the variety of outerwear, the patterns looked great on the various coats.

 I saw a number of trends on the runway too, all of which I dream of incorporating into my wardrobe sometime soon: 
Wide leg pants
Pops of color
Multi "tiered" dresses
Khaki green
 Although I am sad that NYFW has ended, looking back on the amazing collections makes me happy, and if I pretend enough, it can still be NYFW! Kidding. I know that it's over, but I know that these designers and their ideas are far from done. 

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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