Monday, January 18, 2016

Finally part 2

Hey girls,
 Finally, I'm uploading part 2 of my Christmas gifts to this blog. It's been such a long time, I almost forgot! Actually, I'm kidding, I didn't forget, I've been waiting to show you this for some weeks now. I am so excited that I'm showing you now!
 This is actually parts 2 and three rolled into one because me parents and sister gave me gifts when we came back from Canada, and part three were my grandparents and great grandparent, aunt, and cousins' gifts. I think this was my best Christmas yet. I got so many things that I wanted. It would be hard to describe all the gifts that I got in one word, because so many words come to mind (amazing, perfect, and spectacular being a few), but if I had to, the word divine comes to my mind. Divine because it all sums up the fashionable clothes and bags, the gorgeous nail polish, the incredibly useful gift cards, and everything in between. There wasn't a moment of dissatisfaction in all the gifts I received.
 Ok, I'll stop endlessly droning and get to the gifts part, the part you're looking forward to, more than me going on about how I loved my gifts. But it's true, though. My gifts were nothing short of divine.
 (Just to warn you, I went a bit picture crazy and took tons of photos, so this post is going to be very long. I'm sorry for this! I just love my gifts.)
 Here they are! I'm so so excited to share:

Funky Fingers "Kingston" polish, Funky Fingers "220 Volts" polish, Smooth N' Shine Spray on Hair Polisher with Silk Proteins

Fresh Paint "Emma" polish (wearing), Fresh Paint "Finished" top coat polish

Twisted infinity silver bracelet
Brown and turquoise beading on velvet band bracelet

Bath and Body Works "Mad About You" body lotion

New Look faux leather jacket with fleece sleeves and hood

New Look single breasted fleece coat with belt

Faux suede knee-high slouchy flat boots

Cranberry chunky knit crew neck sweater with slits in sides

Yoga pants with decorative waistband

Aztec print bucket bag with fringe drawstrings, Fresh Paint polishes

TJ Maxx, Forever 21, H&M, Forever 21, Jo Ann Fabrics, Target, H&M, Subway, TJ Maxx, 4 iTunes gift cards (Red Robin gift card not shown)

Black and white polka dotted smartphone gloves, Extra Smooth Mint gum

 Now you probably get why I'm so excited about all the gifts I received. I am forever thankful for what I got. You will see most of these items in future blog posts, that's for sure! Maybe you might see more than one item! However I show these items, I will show them in style and pure glee. I know that I will break in these items in high style.
 Merry belated Christmas (part 2)!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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