Monday, December 26, 2016

The day after

 So, it's the day after Christmas, and I am feeling pretty great after a day with family and friends. It's a great holiday, truly. Makes the angriest people just a little bit happier. So, Merry After-Christmas.
 So I'm not going to waste any words. Will I be doing a gift haul? I'm not up to it this year. Instead, I'll revel in my happiness a while and post something that will make me happy, an outfit.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas is coming

 I'm sure everyone who celebrates this amazing holiday knows that ts coming around the corner, and it's coming fast. We only have six days for our final preparations. By preparations, I'm talking about gifts, decorations, family plans, parties, and more. It can get a little stressful, but why does it have to be? Christmas and holiday break in general is meant to be a time of relaxation. It's supposed to be fun and merry and relaxing. Yet, we stress ourselves out involuntarily and create a general air of panic. That's why the term "holiday stress" was coined. It's not an elusive principle. We want everything to be perfect and with just the right amount of we-weren't-at-all-trying-too-hard-for-this-to-look-perfect. It's almost like a reflex that we can't help. But sometimes, it's perfectly fine to let it all go and let Christmas just, you know, be. It's okay.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Giuseppe di Morabito: the perfect cold-weather distraction

 As winter is nearing, you'll feel a chill and get cold. Very cold.  And I don't know about you, but the cold makes me very grumpy and I feel like it'll last forever. To distract anyone else who feels like me and can't wait for this cold to just leave, I bring to you a collection to help you focus on something other than freezing in this cold weather. It's called Giuseppe di Morabito, and their Spring/Summer 2017 collection is so gorgeous! I first discovered this brand on Moda Operandi, and I am so lucky to have found it. It complements my style in a totally different way that I can't get enough of. It's so feminine and floral (it is a spring collection after all), which is so beautiful.
 What I really like about this brand is not only the rainbow of light and pastelly colors, but the garmants themselves. From the bootcut pants to the long, flowing gowns to the outerwear selection, A-line skirts and dresses, all of the structures and kinds of the clothes are what I love and wear all the time. I like the light, chiffon-like fabrics mixed with the dark, more structured fabrics as well. It's also so unique! I am crazy about how Giuseppe di Morabito makes their collection their own, whether it's by creating lace-up trousers, bright purple (almost foil-looking) brocade items, big chiffon sleeves, or incorporating many different patterns. I love it! On another note, I'm also way too obsessed with their use of ruffles. I love ruffles, and I love Giuseppe di Morabito for using them so much.
 Even though I don't usually lean towards that level of elegance in my wardrobe, it definitely is something that I would and could beautifully incorporate into my wardrobe. I could pair a pastel, light-colored shirt with a leather jacket in the form of juxtaposition. I love juxtaposition in outfits. Gives me something to think about. I could also fully embrace the floaty and light feel of Giuseppe di Morabito by pairing one of their absolutely breathtaking dresses or skirts with a pair of similar colored but plain pumps, so as not to take away from the ethereal style already being projected by the garment.
 It's so hard to explain exactly what I love about it, so I'll show you some pieces, and you can see for yourself, and maybe fall in love a little bit as well, like I did.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Shoe crush: Joshua Sanders white leather and fur trainers

 I've had my eye on this type of shoe for quite a while, but this shoe in particular was my reason to blog about it.
 I'm obsessed with pom-poms. Whether they're on bags, on jewelry, or in this case, on shoes, I have a pom-pom fetish. I love them. And I think that I discovered pom-poms first on bags, then jewelry, then shoes. And I liked it a lot. So when I found these shoes, I liked them a lot and found them blog-worthy. So here we are.
 The first word I thought of when I saw these shoes was fun. Fun. I like the fun colors and the spontaneity of the pom-poms on the shoes. They also come in a variety of other colors, but the same type of shoes.
 I usually don't like wearing sneakers, but these look less like traditional sneakers, which I love. I also am loving the way they hug the feet. The fit remind me of Adidas Superstars. I love how they both look on the foot. It kind of rounds it out and I like that.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber monday 2016

 First and foremost, Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Hope it was a blast, full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and elastic waistbands. I had so much fun with my family. I ate some really tasty food and just enjoyed myself. I like these holidays. Not only is it a day to just kick back and relax and escape the busy-ness of everyday life, but it gives you a chance to gather with your family and share in this fun time. Speaking of a fun time, Christmas is coming, y'all! Looking forward to it so much! My family has already started decking the halls, and I am so utterly excited to get my Christmas tree.
 Remember two years ago (wow, right?) when I did those twelve days of Christmas posts? That was a lot of hard work, and it was fun, but I didn't do it last year, and probably not this year, either. I'm sorry, but I felt like the content wasn't great, and who wants that? So I'm probably just sticking to my normal schedule.
So. Cyber Monday. The day we've all been (secretly) waiting for. So many deals and low prices and sweet stuff to purchase. It's the day that CEO's are probably inwardly groaning, but us customers are all outwardly cheering.
 I want to help you guys out, so I'm, like last year, giving you a list of stores where there are some super nice deals. So, feel free to shop your heart out!👍

Monday, November 21, 2016


 When people see an outfit such as the one I'm going to show you, they usually only look at the fancy shmancy part of it. They fail to consider all parts of the outfit. You know, what piece of the outfit actually makes the main piece stand out (there can't be light without darkness, and vice versa!), what accessories were carefully placed to finish off the outfit (in my case there were none), and all that good stuff. I like to look at every part of the outfit, and maybe craft another outfit in which I can wear each piece.
 This is really an unusual outfit for me. I wouldn't see myself wearing these two pieces together, because I might get annoyed with how they are so different. One's so fancy and the other is so... not. It seems like a war between dressy and casual, but then I realized, why is that a bad thing? Show the war in your clothes. Show that struggle that turns into something maybe possibly beautiful. Make people confused and baffled, in a good way. That means you've done it right. A good outfit shouldn't just show, shouldn't just tell, it should also inquire and confuse and challenge too.
 That's what I'm trying to get at when I created this outfit. I wanted to really ask myself these questions. Why pair these? What do I get from this pairing? Why not?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Best-loved, most-liked

 This is one of my favorite outfits. It's comfortable yet stylish and rugged yet feminine and really just my style. It's so simple and stylish and it's so me.
 Oh, and for those long time readers, boyfriend jeans! This outfit included my favorite style of jeans. They're the perfect kind, slouchy and soft and beautiful.
Plus, I made the grape bag. Took some effort, but I did it. I love this bag so much, and I love it with the outfit. I made this pairing on the spot and I'm glad I did.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Starry night?

 I went to a space-themed dance the other night, and it was a ton of fun. They even had free drinks. That was great.
 This is the outfit I decided to go with. I ran out and bought this outfit the day before the dance. Great planning, right? It took me waking up that morning and realizing that I had nothing to wear to get me over to Forever 21, my all-time favorite store, for a quick shopping escapade.
 To achieve a space-themed look, I had to take into account the most used colors for space-themed anything, metallic shades. I didn't really like any of them with my skin tone, so I had to think logically. Metallic bronze was gross (it turns me positively orange), silver was too harsh and my skin is too light for such a color, gold was okay but a little too harsh, rose gold would be okay but I couldn't find any of that shade in Forever 21 on such a last minute trip. Someone please make this a popular color in the next season so I can find more of it!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Costume day 2016

 Happy Halloween! How cool is it that this post lands on the exact day? I think it's pretty neat. Holidays and my blog never really work out too well; it's always the day before of the day after. Hope you stuff yourself to the brim with candy today, and get to absorb all of the amazing, boring, beautiful, stupid, punny, creative, cliche, and crazy costumes with the eye of an unbiased observer.
 I was a sock hop girl for Halloween, and due to my busy schedule, I only had time to make the skirt, scarf, shoes, and bracelet in the costume... But fortunately, they all came out great! Even though I stayed up until 11:55 PM to make that blasted skirt, I was proud of myself. Really, really proud.
 I made these cute DIY saddle shoes by using this link right here. It was so amazing and helpful, and I know I wouldn't have thought of using the technique they did. I was incredibly angry at first because I didn't know how to achieve the saddle shoes without spending $30 or over. But then, I did a little research and found a way to spend only five dollars. There you go, a little DIY action for you all.
 So, what were you lovely people dressed as for Halloween? And if you celebrate Halloween, being "nothing," "yourself," or "myself in the past/future" are terrible costumes and do not count. Laziness is not an option. You can see how not lazy I was making that skirt, and I expect the same from you. If you're really stumped and really late getting a costume, do what I did last year. Throw on a striped shirt and black pants and be a prisoner. Or, really quick, watch this video and get some inspiration. But always dress up for the only time in the year you can wear pretty much whatever you want and it's okay.
 So, I have some pictures to show you of my costume. Take a look!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Polyvore recently 3

 Another Polyvore recently for you all! I've published some sets and seen some items that I wanted to show you. Now, keep in mind that these are not items I m going to buy, I just have seen them and really liked them. Believe me, I would love to buy everything I come across that I like, but unfortunately, life doesn't and really shouldn't work that way.
 For more sets and likes from moi, go visit my Polyvore page. Maybe even consider getting a Polyvore. It's so much fun, and the community is amazing and totally supportive. Can anyone say free reign? You won't be disappointed; I definitely wasn't!!
 Well, without further ado, let me show you my Polyvore recents:

This set was wayyy outside of my comfot zone, but I gave it a try!

Consider a DIY Cinderella costume for this Halloween!

Now for the items I've seen on Polyvore...

I know in this weather, this isn't exactly practical, but who really can resist a floral Zimmerman piece? Not I!

Winter prepping with some fun gloves...

And a knit beanie.

Obsessed with Racil pants lately!

More prepping for winter with some cute tan OTK boots...

As winter comes, I hope the (few) items that were winter-related help you dress stylishly yet warm! And for the rest, I don't know. I don't base my preferences on season. :)


kamila <3

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kick breast cancer right back.

 Join me in the fight for women. In the fight for breast cancer. This month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this month and throughout the year, we will recognize this problem, we will take steps to end it, and we will not take no for an answer. Let's do it.
 Visit to find out more about breast cancer, and visit the main page: to find out how you can help women everywhere. It's what we all should do. 🎗🎗🎗

Dress: F21
Choker: handmade
socks: Nike

#avonfoundation #BCA #RethinkPink
 Let's go. Visit for more details today, and remember, ALL of our support can make a difference in the lives of many.


kamila 🎗

Monday, October 10, 2016

Comfy doing nothing

 Went shopping today and bought some stuff. Lounged around all day in this really comfortable outfit. I love how laid back but stylish it is. I bought this dress and these socks and couldn't wait to style them. So, behold.

Dress: H&M
Socks: Abercrombie


kamila <3

Monday, October 3, 2016

Job interview

Hey guys,
Nothing much today; just some inspiration for anyone seeking a new job or some new endeavor that you need to dress professionally for. And yeah sure, buying new clothes to replace what you already have works just fine, but why not put your old clothes to use in new ways? So I will now proceed to introduce you to upcycling, adding new stuff to old clothes.
 I did this work of art last summer. It didn't take me long at all. I added light blue trimming (notice how it matches my top) to the lapels, sleeves, and pockets of this lovely H&M blazer.
And no, you don't have to be a creative genius to upcycle. You can visit this site and upcycle without sewing. It's fun! You'll be surprised how much your clothes can change by adding a lace trim or a button.
 I feel very happy with my somewhat new, 100% upcycled blazer. So. Behold, my "new" outfit, job-interview or simply (trendy) work day ready!

Blazer: H&M
Top: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Shoes: Sam and Libby for Target

For all you hopefuls, hope you get the job. Good luck xo


kamila <3

Monday, September 26, 2016

The Aftermath

 DCFW! It's done! It was a stressful experience (though not as much as the fashion show I organized and I'm still not entirely sure why), but it's done. I honestly am having a hard time believing that I'm going to have some free time from now on.
 I have some mixed feelings. On one hand, no more going to bed late and waking up early and freaking out about this or that or printing business cards by the dozens or sitting in front of my machine with cramping fingers. But on the other hand, no more nerves combined with excitement and no more meeting new, cool designers and models and no more amazing backstage experience (I loved the backstage experience) and no more seeing my models in my collection and no more helpful advice from my friends and peers. No more anticipating one of the most memorable moments of my life. Mixed feelings, right?
 For those who didn't get to see my live collection, I've included some (but not all) of the pictures fro  my collection. You will have to go to this site to see all of them. Here are just a few below,
 It was really a great experience. Looking past the stress, I would do it again. And of course there were some things I would want to improve or do-over. There always are. But they're minor things. Overall, the experience will go down in history as one of the best.
 See some of my collection now:

This was actually a picture from Deux Magazine where this picture was featured. Cool, right.

Also, make sure to go to the DC Fashion Week site and check out the other collections. That was my favorite part, seeing all of the other collections! They were all amazing and beautiful. Check them out. You won't regret it.
 It was a great time for me. 
 And before I close, I want to give a great big thanks to my wonderful assistant, my lovely, beautiful mother, who stood by me (and never yelled once!) during all of my breakdowns and energy bursts. Love you. So much. 
 Also, I want to thank everyone who supported me and/or came to see me. Thanks! I really appreciate it. Seriously.
 Now, I'm going to enjoy my first early slumber in months. I know, exciting.


kamila <3