Monday, December 7, 2015

Understated ring set

Hey girls,
 I usually don't talk about jewelry, but I have been obsessed with simple ring sets lately, so I thought I would give it a try. Have I mentioned that I make jewelry? I only have made a few pieces, including a chunky necklace that I will blog about later. Today is all about rings.
 I have just recently made a ring set of four rings, each of similar style. I was inspired by this new trend and this incredible ring set, so I decided to give it a go. Only I decided to deviate from my inspiration by making three dark silver rings and one silver ring that acts as an accent. I also altered the style of the ring. They are very thin, bordering on nonexistent, and instead of being joined together to create one unbroken band, I decided not to join the ends together, instead, making the ends pass each other and create a different style that makes the uncomplicated rings different from the usual band and a bit more complicated. The feel of the rings is very delicate and fragile, and they instantly elevate the grace of your hand when you slip them on. My original vision was to wear them on different fingers, on different heights of the finger, but it easily possible to create a vision where the rings are stacked on on or two fingers.

rings: handmade
 The one thing I love about these rings is how dainty they make my hand look. I love how they look so pretty, that your hand looks just as elegant and pretty as well. I feel like my hand moves in such fluid motions when I am wearing these. I just can't get over how pretty my hand looks in these rings. I also admire the one accent silver ring, it draws attention to not only itself but all of the rings as well.
 Jewelry can't prosper without an outfit bringing out its importance, so I want to show you an everyday, street-style outfit that will go with these rings and really highlight their charm. In this outfit, I used juxtaposition to show how delicate these rings are by using black and leather to create a tough-as-nails style. Compared to the tough feel of the outfit, the rings will stand out and seem more ethereal.

 I used the jacket and the boots to create the grunge-ish feeling, then added the florals and the necklace and the rings as the object of juxtaposition. This would be a great street style outfit. This outfit adds the right amount of hardcore and pretty to create a perfect outfit to rock on the street.
 Did I mention that the jeans in this outfit are boyfriend jeans? (To understand this comment and possibly laugh, you would need to visit this blog post.)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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