Monday, December 21, 2015

Two shoes to covet this holiday season

Hey girls,
 The holiday season is in full swing, which means that the need for stylish holiday shoes is in major demand. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect shoe to wear to parties and through the New Years. It's fun to online shop (and I mean extremely satisfying), but who wants to comb through online shops day after day, getting frustrated that your sole mate is nowhere to be found?
 I experienced some of this anxiety, but fortunately I found not one, but two pairs that I am absolutely in love with. Both of them are so chic and extremely versatile, meaning that I can wear them on New Year's Eve and even throughout the year. I feel in the holiday spirit even more, if that's possible, because I have found these shoes.

 I love these flats because the style is one of which I really like. Included in the design is a lovely pointed toe, a chic d'orsay detail, and a gorgeous ankle strap. Even the Valentino-like rockstuds add a much needed addition to the flat. These shoes are perfect for the holidays not only because they are red and off-white (perfect for Christmas!), but they are the perfect casual holiday staple to dress up a rather informal outfit. The sleek design makes these shoes incredibly special. 

I am in love with these heels because they so very versatile. I could show up looking classy at a Christmas party, ring in the New Year with sassy shoes on my feet, and wear them all year round, still maintaining a dressy look. I really like the bow on the side; it's so adorable. These shoes also have an ankle strap, pointed toes, and a d'orsay style. I know, it's the same style as the flats above, but it's hard to notice at first! The bow is completely breathtaking and that's where all of the focus is drawn to. However, I should be making a promise to myself to experiment with other styles. It will help me grow and change and be exposed to more shoe styles (like rounded toe or loafers).

 These two shoes are ideal for the holiday season. It can be extremely fun to test different shoes during the holiday season to find your holiday shoe stride. I absolutely can't wait to walk into the New Year with amazing shoes!
 OK, enough shoe puns.

 I also want to tell you all that I am leaving for a vacation in Canada to visit family and celebrate Christmas and the New Year! I am so excited to go there; it always so pretty. I will be showcasing my style in Canada during my vacation.   :)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


  1. Nice pair of shoes !