Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas gifts... part 1?

Hey girls,
 If you were to say that Christmas was a full and hilariously entertaining day of food, family, and fun (and amazing gifts!), I would identify with you and say that my Christmas was exactly like that. How was your Christmas celebrations? I hope they were amazing and just as fun as mine! I had tons of fun with my family in Canada, and it was snow-free on December 25th! That was easily ruined when it snowed on December 27th. They say that luck never lasts, and that's probably true. All the snow that held back leading up to Christmas was just itching to break free and snicker at all of the horror-stricken faces, like mine when I found out that the bliss of no snow was soon to be curbed.
 Snow aside, I had a great time, especially when giving and getting presents. In the receiving presents department, I wasn't disappointed! I got gifts that were on my wish list, and they were some very stylish items! Below is the first part of my gifts that I got. The reason I keep saying part 1 is because first, I'm currently wearing something, actually two somethings, from my wish list. Second is because I have more gifts to open when I get home from Canada from my other side of the family. The catch is that I'm not sure if the items that I will get are wearable, hence the "... part 1?" in the title. There you go. Explanation. I will have an outfit post later in the week featuring some more gifts I got on Christmas. Also, one of my sweaters that I received for Christmas will not be shown because I think I accidentally left at the house of festivities, which I am undoubtedly upset about because it's such a gorgeous sweater! I will be getting it back, though. No worries. :)
 Here is only some of what I got, but I love it nonetheless.

 Skinny Jeans

 Gold Bangles

Book Series: Secrets

Knit Sweater

Long Knit Sweater with Slit at Bottom

Knit Sweater with Hood and Pockets

Gloves, Scented Hand Sanitizer, EOS Lip Balm, Nail Polish

 These is only a few of the gifts I have received. There will be more! But I am obsessed with all of these gifts. I was already dreaming of different outfits that I can make with these pieces, all of with I will show you! I really cannot express in words how excited these gifts are making me. I will resort to expressing my excitement into this blog. I always do.
 Happy early New Years by the way! It's so weird to think that the next time I post on this blog will be in 2016. So savor this post because it's gonna be the last one of the year 2015! I have come so far in this year, and I will only go farther, which will be really great. As I type this, I'm just realizing that there's another milestone to be addressed. This is the first full year of this blog! How awesome! I reference back to when I said that I will only go farther, because it's true. Again, Happy early New Years! See you in 2016!

Hope you liked this post (last one of the year!),

kamila <3


  1. All the gifts you received looks lovely. Can't wait to see part 2.

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comment a lot! xo