Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

 Hey girls,
 Yes! Today is Christmas Day! I cannot tell you how exciting this day is, and it's not just the presents. The Christmas fashions I see everywhere add to my overall swooning during this holiday. I also love spending time with family, devouring the delicious food, and watching fun Christmas movies (Mean Girls has a Christmas scene in it, technically making it a Christmas movie, right?). 
 Warning! Past this point, this post will get very deep and heavy. If you do not want to progress, stop here. If you're interested, please continue. This really isn't anything I've done before.
 Besides all of this, I think, usually at the end of the day after all of the fun, how unbelievably lucky and fortunate I am to be able to celebrate this holiday how I do. I have three incredibly important things: family, food, and fondness. I am also blessed to have water, air, and shelter. All of this is necessary for a great Christmas for me. Presents aren't even included. I am lucky to have what I need. So, I am not necessarily clamoring for gifts. Christmas isn't all about gifts. Like it or not, the reason for Christmas, the fact that Christmas exists, is the birth of Jesus, not the acceptance of gifts.
 I'm not going to be naive and say that I don't see the people sitting outside in the cold, rattling cups of change. I'm not going to say they don't exist, or they are only a small population of people. Even if they were, they are still here. The people who don't have homes, or food, or maybe not even a family. The less fortunate will have a Christmas most likely filled with poverty and sadness. Where do they go? I think about these people, and other people, as I celebrate, careful to not let them out of my thoughts. I need to be conscious of their struggles. But not only the homeless.
 The beginning, current, or shakily recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.
 The teen mothers, burdened with a huge responsibility of taking care of a child.
 The people pregnant by force or by accident.
 The people incarcerated.
 The people struggling to make ends meet.
 The people discriminated against.
 The children and adults overworked and underappreciated.
 The children or adults beaten and abused.
 The bullied.
 The depressed.
 The hurt, forgotten, invisible.
 And everyone in between.
 It's hard to imagine all of these people because, really, do you think of these kinds of people on a daily basis? But during Christmas, many of these people will be going through an extremely difficult time. Their holiday spirit might be only a sliver, or completely gone. Thinking about them can help, even if they don't know.
 It's also a good idea to give to these people. Giving gifts is not only better for others, it's better for yourself. You might think that Christmas without gifts would be strange, but really, it's Christmas without love and spirit and joy that's strange. But unfortunately, some people have to go through the lack of love, spirit, and joy year-round, and it's normal for them. That shouldn't be the case.
 So let's help.
 One way is to think about them, pray for them, and do anything you can with yourself to make sure you're thinking about these people. You can also give them a Christmas miracle. Give gifts. Give money. Give time. Give your service. That will go such a long way. It will pay of for you and them in the long run, and who knows, you could just change that person's life forever.
 Think about this, when you're giving and receiving gifts and the wonderful Christmas spirit. You could change a life!
Have a very merry Christmas, from Fashion teal!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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