Monday, November 9, 2015

Top Five Faves: Trench Coats

Hey girls,
 Today I'd like to do another Top Five Faves, this time with trench coats. I adore trench coats so much. They are my favorite type of coat to wear, especially in the late fall to early winter seasons. They come in many different lengths, shapes (skimming the figure or hugging the figure), and colors. My favorite color trench is a beige colored coat because they are the classic color and they work in so many ways. Trench coats can also be used to play up bold accents in the outfit, like bright ankle boots (more on that later) because the trench is so simple, that one you're done admiring its simplicity, your eyes travel to the rest of the outfit and what the trench was paired with. Bold accents, juxtaposed against the rather not bold (but still amazing) coat, jump out and demand your attention. This is how fashion works. It's all about parts making up the whole of the outfit.
 Anyway, let's take a gander at a few of my favorite trench coat outfits.

Bold accents! Here they are! This is what I was talking about when I talked about how trenches play up the big accents, like colored scarves or bold ankle boots. Right here is the actual definition of sassy. Everything from the boots to the glasses to the pose is sassy in a good way. And the combination of two toned skinny jeans with the boots is amazing. I am just obsessed with these boots! But let's talk trench coats. In this outfit, the trench coat is long, almost like a duster coat. I like long trenches, don't get me wrong, but in this outfit, I think that a shorter coat would have worked better, and maybe something a little more form-fitting. I am amazed with the way the boots, which I mentioned I am obsessed with, are not the same color as the hobo tote, which was kind of a risky choice in this outfit. Also, the center part is sassy. The sass is unreal. In a good way.

This classic example of street style contains light wash, ripped jeans and really pretty leopard flats. I really like the belted trench look, it's so nice. The fact that the tied instead of buckled? Some people say lazy, I say adventurous. I can see the hint of the striped shirt underneath, and I like how the shirt just peeks out and then is encased by a camel colored trench. Once again, the bag and the shoes do not match. Amazing. I am a sucker for black totes, because they are so very versatile and work well in most outfits. This tote has a tough quality that I drool over in this particular outfit. I am in love with how well this outfit works on the street. Again, the belted trench really works.

Simple and elegant are the two words running through my mind right now. This is another belted trench outfit, which only adds to the elegance. I know, how can a trench look elegant? If you use light fabrics in a light beige color to make the trench, and if the trench is the right length, then you get instant sophistication, even in a street style outfit. The nude pumps are also very chic and graceful. Pointed toe pumps are always graceful. This outfit consisting of light colors (beige and traditional blue) really helps the pumps achieve maximum finesse. I also am completely and totally infatuated with the slit in the bottom of the skinny jeans. Tres chic! This outfit is a work of art. Even without a bag, it still speaks volumes.

I'm not all too enamored with the denim-on-denim trend, but I really think that this outfit makes it work, all thanks to the trench. Additionally, this is yet another outfit where the bag and shoes don't match. I guess I've had a particular predilection for this style lately. Anyways. back to the trench in this outfit, because the whole point of this post is the trench coat! This coat doesn't have a belt, in fact, it's more of a long blazer, but that's totally fine, because a trench coat is a trench coat. I actually like this coat because I'm pretty sure that it's double breasted and because it's a great length for this outfit, not too much to overwhelm the whole outfit. I am very fond of these jeans. They're skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans! Perfect! The bag is OK, it's not my favorite, but it's fine. I am so enchanted by these shoes I might need to go to the doctor and get a medical diagnosis that I have an excessive love for shoes, and especially these shoes. I know, they are so plain, but that's what I love about them! The pointed toe and the heel height all contribute to my shoe crush, but mostly the way they look on the foot! Very beautiful. 

This is my favorite outfit! I think you can guess why, but if you can't, it's all about the boyfriend jeans. I don't know how familiar you are with my taste in jeans, but before we get to talking about trenches, you must know how much I love boyfriend jeans. I breathe, sleep, eat, and live boyfriend jeans (but fashion and fashion design more). I am crazy about all different kinds of boyfriend jeans, skinny, baggy (MY FAVORITES!), straight, every darn kind. I adore boyfriend jeans. OK. Point across. Back to trenches. If I'm telling the truth, I mostly had my eye on this outfit because of the boyfriend jeans and less of the trench coat. But fashion is erratic. But describing the things I like about this trench, I love the length, and I really love how it complements the boyfriend jeans (I know, I know). I wish the trench was a bit more form fitting, though. I also like how the trench is belted by the cuffs. The boots are a rugged kind of street style, and they look great with the (you guessed it) boyfriend jeans. I see a hint of a chambray shirt underneath, which means more denim on denim. 

 These are my top five favorites. I discussed a lot of other topics besides trenches, for example (yup) boyfriend jeans. Also, shoes and bags failing to match colors, in a good way. This is a new development for me. I hope I continue to experiment with more new trends in fashion and grow my appreciation for different fashion trends.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


  1. Gotta love a good trench coat, I'm loving the draped style.

    || D I A N A ||

    1. I totally agree with you! The draped style is a great style to rock, especially in the pre-winter months xo