Monday, November 2, 2015

Handmade Halloween

Hey girls,
 As you know, Halloween was just a few days ago. I was very excited for this day! Getting candy is great, but what I most love about this holiday is the costumes. 
 Oh, costumes. Some are extravagant, some are plain. Some are long, some are short. Some are well thought out, some are lazy and thrown together at the last minute. I especially love the handmade costumes. I was inspired by my love of sewing, and the wonderful sewing school I attend called Sewfabulous Sewing School, to make my own costume this year. I thought it would be amazing to create a long, extravagant white dress, otherwise known as the angel costume. So yes, this year, I was an angel. I was very excited to start making this costume. I measured things, went out to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy fabric, sewed for days, and came out of my sewing lair with a three layered skirt, white, sparkly, sweetheart neckline, halter dress with a tie at the end of the torso. I immediately wanted to run outside down the street screaming at everyone that I had made my own costume, but Halloween was two weeks away first of all, and second of all, I didn't want to ruin the effect of me making my own costume. So I waited, until Halloween, and debuted my handmade dress for the first time to my friends, peers, and basically everyone except my family (my immediate family had already seen it). Pictures were taken, compliments were given. I actually received a ton of compliments! And now, my friends, I will show you what I made. Everything in this costume is handmade, just so you know.

 The last picture is the sketch that I made of the dress, without the vest that I made. I was inspired to sketch out this dress as well as make it.
 My favorite part of this dress is the length. I love the trail, and I love the way it's long enough to look elegant on me. I adore how it falls, smooth and elegant, and ripples just so as it skims my body.
 So this is my creation. I would like to remind you again that everything is handmade. I know this may sound conceited (or maybe not), but I am so proud of this dress. And not only this dress. I am proud of where my sewing skills have gone in the past several months, thanks to sewing related miracles
 So, tell me what you think of this dress. I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, tell me what you were for Halloween. Did you make your costume? If you didn't, that's perfectly fine. If you did, you and I share a common love for sewing, I presume.
 I love Halloween.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3