Monday, October 19, 2015

Top Five Faves: Button down+Jeans

Hey girls,
 Another top five faves today! I want to talk about a new style that I particularly like. The button down shirt and jeans combo is a simple yet classy way to incorporate fashion into a otherwise uncomplicated outfit. These outfits below are examples of great street style ways to show off a cute button down and a sassy new (or vintage) pair of your favorite jeans.

I love how in style this outfit is. The background of the photo gives this outfit more edge and intrigue. The pop of the collar conveys a lot of attitude, and the attitude of an outfit is crucial. In this outfit, the attitude is clearly shown. The jeans are so unique, and the funky pattern of the jeans at the bottom adds to the uniqueness of this whole outfit. Going deeper, light wash doesn't exactly work in this outfit, but the rest of the outfit works otherwise. This is a great example of street style.

This outfit, the jacket hanging from her hands, the sunglasses (the sunglasses), everything about it screams "rebel." I am in love with bad-girl quality of this outfit, and even she seems pretty darn bad too. The open collar screams scandalous, but then again, it also adds to the whole rebel idea as well. The center part fits so well with this outfit I can't even tell you. But back to the outfit. I ah-dore the round sunglasses. More rebel. Even the background, which can say a lot, is shouting "rebel, rebel!" I think the Chelsea boots are pretty convincing in the rebel theme as well. This outfit gets an A+ for keeping the theme (and guess what the theme is?)

Now this outfit is what the French would call, "C'est magnifique!" I would say this too, if I spoke French. But I don't. Anyway, this outfit is so my style it isn't even funny. I love black,brown, or tan crossbody bags with leopard print heels, for some reason. The combination of crossbody and leopard in this outfit hits the nail on the head. Now, a lot of people might get confused by the wash of these jeans. Is is dark wash? Light wash? I'd say it's medium wash. But it works with this outfit (the leopard print is really helping, as I said). I also love the cute of the shirt. It's not completely straight cut. It's a bit rounded, and it's more of a straight fall that doesn't hug the curves, which is totally fine. I am absolutely drooling over this outfit because it's, as I said, totally my style. It's not exactly street style, but that's okay, because it's my style.

I still can't get over how Blair Eadie made this outfit, a simple and played-down number, into such an outfit of class. Despite the shirt not being at all tucked in (and the sleeves being rolled up, like the past outfits... did you notice that?), it still is carrying that polished feeling. My observation is the bag and shoes instantly elevating the outfit from chic to sleek and chic. The crisp, clean-cut shirt helps the attitude of the outfit even more. Blair is the poster child for "sophisticated lady" in anything she wears, but this outfit particularly catches my eye.

I know I go for a lot of this kind of outfit, but I really can't help it (that's kind of why I made this post in the first place). These kinds of outfits, with ripped jeans, pure white button downs, and loafers, are my style completely. And this outfit plays up everything I love about this kind of style. I am in awe by the amount of chic shown in this outfit, but there's something deeper here too. It's like how everyone would see how amazing the outfit is as a whole (which it is!), but I would see something specific, like how the bag and shoes don't match in color in a completely amazing way, or how the jeans are more of a cigarette jeans style. 
I'm just saying.

 I feel better after looking at a good combination of a button down shirt and jeans. It only makes sense to show my current top five favorites.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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