Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shoe Crush: Over-The-Knee Boots

Hey girls,
 Today is another shoe crush, and I'm crushing hard on these shoes. As you know, winter is around the corner, and fall-to-winter transition shoes are in high demand. Flats are cute, but not practical for those snowy and cold days. So this is why it's probably best to lean toward the wide array of boots available. Boots are winter's best shoe item. Whether they're low heel, mid heel, high heel, super high heel, ankle boots, calf-high boots, knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots (like the ones in this post), slouchy, straight, furry, leather, suede, or almost anything else (I can go on forever talking about types of boots), boots are absolutely lovely in the winter months. They are so stylish, and oh yeah, they also keep your feet warm.
 This pair of boots are my type of boots. These pair are only a little bit slouchy. I usually tend to go towards slouchy boots, but these only slouch the teeniest bit, which is totally fine. I like ankle boots (so much!), but I also adore tell boots. The taller the better! Except those boots that go to your mid thigh or higher. Those are basically half pants. Come on now.
 Anyway. I would love to share these delicious picks with you. Find them here, at an awesome site with cute clothes called Go Jane:

 My favorite parts of these shoes is that one, they're leather, which is my favorite boot material next to suede. Two, these shoes have a buckle which I really like. It adds character to these shoes. Three, I like the zipper on the boots. It also adds character. Four, I love love love the height or both the heel and the actual boot. Over-the-knee flat heeled boots are my specialty. Five (I know, I really am crushing on these heels, aren't I?), I like the perfect amount of slouch for these boots. Leather boots shouldn't have as much of a slouch, but when it comes to suede boots (which I am crazy about), slouch away! I really think that you will be infatuated with these boots as much I do.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


  1. Gorgeous boots!


  2. I totally agree, these boots are spectacular! Thanks for commenting! xo