Sunday, September 20, 2015

The End of NYFW 2015

Hey girls,
 I have some bad new that every fashionista in the USA is saddened about: New York Fashion Week drew to a close on September 17, 2015. Now, I am among the rest who are sad about this news, but I am also a bit happy because I have found some awesome sites like Now Fashion and New York Fashion Week Live (an even a cool YouTube channel) that shows all of the fashion shows that I missed! Needless to say, I will be watching hours of fashion shows. But I would like to share with you some of the fashion shows that I did watch, and loved!

1. Rebecca Minkoff

 I was totally in awe with this collection because one, the clothes were so well constructed, two, the shoes (oh, the shoes!), and three, the clothes were so my style. From the bold cuts, to the high-end styles, to the flowy material, I loved each and every look that came down the runway. And the band that played during the show? Juh-eeen-yuss. This collection comes out in 2016, and I absolutely can't wait for its arrival to the public.

2. Givenchy
 Givenchy is another show that I really liked, the lingerie-inspired fashion was very elegant and high couture. I loved how within the lingerie category, there were many different styles of clothing, whether it was a nightgown-looking garment, or a silk dress. I really loved the pinstriped pantsuit and the jewel-adorned faces in the show. It was an all around elegant show. When this collection comes out, I will be the first one there to drool over all the clothes!

Totally in love with this collection, and how classic and simple it is. The looks were mostly structured fabrics played up in different styles. I liked the various ways that black, white, and gray could be styled. It was only three colors, but it looked like so many more! I also really admired the versatility of the clothing. The DKNY show was off the charts! This collection cannot come soon enough.

4. Tommy Hilfiger
 The beachy theme for Tommy Hilfiger was spectacular, and the garments combined with the swimwear was such an amazing idea. Tommy, you did well. You did very well. The models walked with elegance, the music was a perfect fit for the show, and Gigi Hadid was absolutely amazing in this show. Hats off to you, Gigi. The clothes were Caribbean style, which I really loved. I seriously can't wait for this collection!

5. Ralph Lauren

 This was such an amazing show! I loved it because of the nautical-themed fashion, with various shades of red, white, and blue. I saw a lot of blue and white striped dresses, which signaled to me that it was more of a nautical theme. There was also hints of leather as well. There was some light rust colored leather jackets involved, all of which I loved. The whole show was so nautical inspired, down to the incredible shoes! This collection totally wowed me!

So, these were some of the shows that I really loved watching. All of the clothes were fresh and inspired, and these collections will be perfection in their own when they come out in 2016. I also really loved other collections, such as the ones from 3.1 Phillip Lim, Michael Kors, BCBG Max Azria, Nicole Miller, Diane von Furstenburg, Kate Spade New York, and Greg Lauren. Of course, I still have some more to watch, and when I do, I will probably be the happiest girl on the planet. Can anyone say "fashion?"

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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