Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bloglovin' Follower Challenge: Follow Me on Bloglovin'

Hey girls,
 I want to talk to you about a contest I recently entered in. It's called the Bloglovin' Follower Challenge, and the purpose of the contest is to gain more followers. I entered this contest for a number of reasons. One reason is that I want to gain more followers, because that means more people are reading Fashion teal, which makes me very happy :) Another reason that I'm entering in this contest is because the winner of the contest will be featured on the Bloglovin's site and their blog! Naturally, I would love for this to happen because I would get even more followers from this happening, and even more people would read Fashion teal! And more readers would mean that I would post more often, and I would even sometimes let you choose what I blog about! So yeah, this is some pretty big stuff. I am so excited to get this started, so I want you (my readers) to help me with this. So first, if you don't have one. it would be super cool if you got a Bloglovin' account by going onto their site and signing up. Then, voila, you have a Bloglovin' account!
 Next, you can either type in "Fashion teal" and click follow or click this link to get to my Bloglovin' account, and then follow me. It will show some other suggestions based on you following me, and it would be cool to follow them as well! I also have a Bloglovin' button on the side of my blog, so if you click that, you will be following me as well.
 Then, you spread the word! If any of your friends have a Bloglovin' account, tell them to follow me, and tell them to tell other people. It's basically like the tell two friends effect. And if your friends don't have a Bloglovin', encourage them to get one so they can follow me! I will be very excited to see if you follow me, because then I will be a very happy girl ;)

Hope you like this post,

kamila <3

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