Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bath and Body Works Pearberry Lotion and Body Spray Review

Hey girls,
 I have been lately using a body spray and lotion from Bath and Body Works, and I. Love. It. The scent is Pearberry, and while that may seem weird, I love love love the scent! It's fruity and sweet and a teeny bit tangy as well.

 When I first tried the body spray, I fell instantly in love with the scent. It was different yet amazing and I instantly felt like I was in the tropics. I absolutely love the scent because it is the right amount of fruit and perfume to make anything smell good!
 Since I have got it, I have been using the lotion and the spray every day. I first start with the lotion on my arms and legs and chest, and then I finish with the body mist. I spray a cloud, then walk through it. I can smell the fruity scent when I walk through the cloud. It just smells so good! 
 The good thing about this lotion and the body mist is that the smell isn't that strong. You can smell it, but it's not able to smelled six feet away or anything. I really like that because then the smell seems more natural, and that is what I'm going for when it comes to perfume. I want the smell to seem natural, like it's my actual scent, and I don't want it to be noticeable that I spray on the perfume. I can smell the perfume in it, but I smell more natural fruit. It's sort of a softer smell, which I really like. I really admire how sweet it smells as well.
 Another thing that's got me positively drooling over these products is the packaging. I love the flowers, pears, and leaves designs on the bottles, and I especially love the way the two look when they are placed together. I know, that's kinda weird, but I like everything about it!
 The only thing that I don't really like about this is the size of the nozzle on the body mist. It's a bit to small for me, and sometimes when I go to press the nozzle, I only press half of it, and it doesn't spray. Besides the small nozzle, everything in these two power scents screams perfection. You can purchase the lotion here and the body spray here. There's also a shower gel in the same scent that I would love for you to check out! You can find it here.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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