Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Get the Look: Young and Hungry

Hey girls,
 Today I want to talk about TV shows. Or rather, the clothes worn on the TV shows. The particular show that I am referring to now is a popular ABC Family show called Young and Hungry. They have excellent fashion choices on that show. For this post, I will be talking about the fashion choices of Gabi Diamond (Emily Osment), the main character on the show. You may remember her as Lilly from Hannah Montana, but now she is on Young and Hungry and still keeping up her amazing style.
 In one episode, she was wearing a romper that would look perfect for summer.

 I wanted to know where to get this amazing romper, so I went to WornOnTV, a great site where you can find the EXACT MATCH of clothes that were worn on TV shows. I found the jumper on this site. The jumper looks like this;

You can find the romper here.I love the deep V neck in the romper, and the colors! Oh, the colors! These colors are perfectly summery and fun, and I totally love the fit of the romper. Not too loose, but not too tight. I also adore how there are pockets. Not many rompers like these have pockets. Here's how I would style this outfit:

 I really like how the color scheme of the romper can easily incorporate simple colors, like black and silver, into the outfit, without it being too tacky.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


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