Saturday, June 27, 2015

Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

Hey girls,
 I was on Polyvore, and I saw an image that had to do with Alexa Chung's collab with AG jeans. I decided to visit the site, and when I saw the collection, I knew that it was a good idea to look at the site! The clothes were fun and fresh, and despite being mostly denim, I felt like they varied in a lot of ways. I have always admired Alexa Chung (hello, Vogue!), and this collection with AG Jeans made me respect her more. I feel like she will have a very prosperous career as a fashion designer.
 In the collection, there were a lot of denim pieces that I really liked in the collection, as well as other, not made of denim pieces. You can find the collection here.
 So, here are some of my favorites:

 One of the reasons why I love this dress is because I like how simple yet complicated it is. I feel like the dress juxtaposes with itself. The simplicity of the dress is found in the lightweight denim with the sleeves, but the complication is found in the designs of the dress ON the lightweight denim. I know, it sounds confusing, but this is what I saw when I looked at this fabulous dress. It can be found here.

 I like this sweatshirt a lot. I really, really like it because the simplicity of it is pretty. I like the clean white with the navy in the middle. I would wear this in a variety of situations with a variety of clothes, from boyfriend jeans and blazers to skinny jeans and strappy sandals. It's a chunky sweatshirt but not too chunky, which I like. You can find the sweatshirt here.

 These shorts are stylish without a doubt! They are high waisted, which I really like, and the length isn't typical but I have found it very practical for an outfit. The wash is perfect, and I love love the frayed edges. I think they are kind of country-chic, which I like. You can find the shorts here.

  Everything about these jeans screams AMAZING! The length, the wash, the fit, the strategically placed (and cute and delicate rips, not those huge, holes-everywhere rips) rips in the knees, everything. And speaking of everything, everything would go with these jeans. Pointed toe flats (yay), heels and pumps, blazers, tunic tops, infinity scarves, empire waist tops, ankle booties, sweatshirts, crop tops, everything. I mean it. You name it, and it probably works with these totally amazing (and adaptable) jeans. You can find these beauties here.

  I love this dress because it is very unique. I love the overalls effect of it, and I like the color, too. Usually, I don't exactly lean towards olive green, but with this dress, I would totally give it a try. The color is bold without trying, and I like that. And you can wear a cute top, either solid colored or patterned, and it would look great with this dress. You can find it here.

  All I could think of when I saw this piece was: so many ways. And by that, I mean: so many ways to wear this shirt. I have always loved plain white t-shirts because of how they can be styled very nicely with a lot of pieces (including the dress above). I was drawn to the cut and simple white color of the shirt, and this would be a very essential closet staple for me. You can find it here.

 I love these pieces, and you find so many more in their collection! I think that Alexa Chung did a great job in this collection. Reviewing my favorites made me love them even more!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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