Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shoe Crush: Anne Michelle Triple-Band Flower Print Ankle Strap Heels

Hey girls,
 Today, I want to share a shoe that I found and am currently loving. These shoes are the Anne Michele Triple-Band Flower Print Ankle Strap heels. Anne Michelle makes a lot of floral print shoes, which I love. Floral print shoes are different, but that is what makes them so stylish! These shoes that I found have three straps, which is also not very common, but I think they go well with these kind of shoes. Plus, they have a silver buckle, which contrasts nicely with the floral pattern.
 So, here are the shoes that I found:

These shoes are absolutely amazing! I am so glad that I found these. Some people may ask, with the patterns on the shoe, what do I wear this with? Wearing a black dress (maybe a skater dress, like this one) would be nice for a casual look, and maybe pair it with a bag that features one of the same colors of the flowers on the shoes. Confusing? Pair it with a light pink, dark pink, or white bag or clutch. Just make sure that you rock these amazing shoes! :)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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