Sunday, April 12, 2015

One Skirt, 4 Ways

Hey girls,
 Today is all about tweed. Tweed in terms of tweed skirts. I love tweed, especially with skirts and blazers! That's my kind of clothes! Sadly, I own very little tweed, but that will hopefully change soon.
 Anyway, I want to show you a tweed skirt that I currently love A LOT, and I will show four outfits that go with this divine skirt. Ooh, I'm so excited to show this! I paired some very daring, but still fashionable pieces, all that would look amazing with this straight tweed miniskirt:

2: Bagwatchtopshoesjacket

3: Blazerheelsbagnecklacetop

4: Topbagbraceletshoes

 I love all of these outfits because they are different styles, but with the same skirt. Isn't that cool, how one clothing item can still have many styles that it can fit into? I think that's cool! :) Comment below on your fave outfit. I think my favorite is two, but that's my opinion. Fashion has many opinions! Tell me yours! :)
 Oh and one more thing, I will try to post more routinely instead of once every few weeks or something. This blog is like my diary to fashion lovers, and I want to make a point to share more of my fashion thoughts! 
 Also (I know, there's a lot that I want to tell you!), I will probably focus more on beauty tips and hair and nails and things. After all, those topics are really important as well! Let me know what kinds of beauty tips you want me to talk about in the comments. 

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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