Thursday, April 30, 2015

Affordable Outfit: ASOS

Hey girls,
A few days ago was a very rainy and cold spring day. You know what they say, though. April showers bring May flowers! These flowers better grow fast, because I don't like all of this rain.  Anyway, today I wanted to do an affordable outfit post, featuring a divine brand called ASOS. ASOS sells high-end fashion, for great prices. These clothes are simply amazing, and I enjoy online shopping on that site for hours. Then again, I love online shopping in general (although it's more of looking at the clothes, I don't do any real shopping haha)!
 So, here is the outfit that I put together from ASOS:

 This top is so so beautiful, and I love the simplicity of the shirt, then down to the crochet. To much detail above the crocheted area would be distracting and overall confusing. This shirt is simple but gorgeous. I love the overall delicacy of the tank. It can be worn with a simple look, or paired with a pencil skirt to give it a fancy look although this top is more casual cool. I love the scoop neck, I feel that a V-neck would be a distraction as well. 
 Now, on to the next article of clothing! 

 These jeans are everything a girl wants! I swear, when I saw these jeans, I practically saw hearts floating around them. I am in love with the vintage feel of the jeans, and pairing them with the top above is a perfect idea! I love how not as distressed these jeans are. I hate jeans with so many rips, so these are good. The relaxed fit of these jeans also is a plus. I love the wash of the jeans, it's so vintage cool. Usually, jeans cost a lot, but these aren't so bad, in terms of cost.
 This outfit isn't complete without... accessories! This outfit would look super cute with a purse and jewelry! And shoes, of course. Here are the shoes that I love with this outfit:

 These shoes... I can't even think of an adjective to describe how utterly perfect these shoes are, not only for this outfit, but overall. They are beautiful, and their bright color reminds me of spring, which is perfect, considering the season that I am currently in. I love how these shoes are graceful, because they look like they can fit long, graceful feet. These shoes are so beautiful! They have an ankle strap, and they have a point toe. I usually only prefer point toe shoes with pumps and heels, but these shoes make it work! 
 For the bag, I chose this one:

 How amazing is this bag? It looks exactly like a designer bag, but it costs a lot less! The bag has a tough look, but it can definitely be softened down with the right outfit. The bold red color is great with this bag, and I love love love the buckles and the strap. The size is great, and it's not an oversized bag, which is nice with this outfit. This bag is sassy yet conserved, feminine yet tough. The bag goes really well with the shoes above. Oh, I just love this bag soo much!
 For the jewelry, I chose this stunning piece:

 This necklace is divine. It is so delicate and pretty! I love the cut out moon, it's so abstract. I like how the necklace is silver, because gold would not be the best choice for this necklace. This necklace is so fragile-looking, not to mention very trendy.
 I saw this when I was putting together this outfit, and while it's not what I planned to have in the outfit, it's really cute, and pretty hard to resist! This piece is optional in the outfit:

 This kimono is so dazzling, and owning this would make me sooo happy! I love the pattern and the colors. The patterns are very random and spread out, which I like. The only concern I would have is the kimono and its patterns overwhelming the crochet on the bottom of the top. However, this kimono is a charming and extravagant article of clothing, and just looking at this piece of art is thrilling to me. 
 This outfit would be perfect for a casual day spent with friends, or even going to school. I am so in love with this whole outfit! It is beautiful and perfect and gorgeous and amazing and... I think you get how much I like this outfit! :) This is exactly why I like ASOS. Fashion lives here!
 Now, what about you? Tell me what you think. About this outfit, about ASOS, about trees (I'm kidding, you don't have to talk about trees, unless you want to). I look forward to hearing your comments, and let's hope that it won't be cold anymore! It IS spring, after all!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3


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