Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Affordable Outfit: 10 Dollar Mall

Hey girls,
 I found a new site, and it has super affordable clothes, and not to mention that they are super cute!  This site is called 10 Dollar Mall. A whole outfit is less than $100! I want to show you an outfit that includes an item of clothing from this site. I'm telling you, 10 Dollar Mall has some very, very nice clothes. (And no, you won't turn green from unknown chemicals in the clothes, or whatever. I'm sure that despite the price, which is very affordable, the clothes are very durable and SAFE. :D)
 And right now, as I'm writing this post (I'm writing it before I am posting it, by the way), I'm totally jamming to Destiny's Child. Say My Name is amazing, and I'm listening to this song times two ;)
 I want to show you an outfit that has a mix of warm colors and cool colors. It is very casual, and I. Love. it. This outfit features an item from 10 Dollar Mall.
 First, the pants from 10 Dollar Mall:

These trousers are a really nice shade of eggplant, and they are a nice length. These pants are made of a durable material, and they are a great price. These pants can go with so many outfits.

 Next, the top from somewhere different:

This is a very lovely top, and the color is really great. Because of the color (ivory), this top can go with a lot of outfits. The peplum is fun and the shirt has tank straps, which looks very nice in contrast with the peplum bottom

Next, the shoes from 10 Dollar Mall:

These shoes are divine, and they match the top! They have a mesh strap, which is different yet very sophisticated. They are platform pumps, which I really like. These shoes are also peep-toed, which is a splendid addition to these adorable shoes.

 Last, the jewelry, also from 10 Dollar Mall:

For this outfit, I thought that gold would look nice as a jewelry piece. Gold would pop against the ivory tones, so this ring is perfect. The caramel accents in the ring make the gold look brighter, and even more brilliant in color. The design is nice, and there is some silver, which is OK because it looks good with the silver, even though I think that gold and silver used in the same jewelry can be tacky. Overall, this ring is nice.

 From this store, this is an outfit I was able to make. I would love to see how they looked all together. Even though the top is from a different place, I think it contributes to the theme very well.
 Also, Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day! 

And yes, I did draw this. How could you tell? ;)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

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