Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Clothing Essentials You Need in Your Closet

Hey girls,
 First of all: Happy New Year! Even though it's late, it's not that late. It never hurts to welcome the New Year. What are you going to be achieving in 2015?
 So, anyway, in your closet, there are a few things that you should own, because they are essentials to mix and match, plus, having a few key things makes it easy to find something cute to wear! Most of these items can go well with anything you pair it with. Plus, the simplicity of some of these items makes them even more stylish! Here are a few things that you should have in your closet:

1. Short Sleeved White Shirt
It is always a good idea to have a plain short sleeved shirt, whether it's V-necked, like this one, or scoop necked. A simple shirt like this can be used in so many outfits, so it's a major clothing essential. Everything from scarves to skirts can go nicely with a plain white shirt, and that's a really good thing to know if you feel like nothing in your closet will go with anything, and trust me, that will happen in your life.

2. Jeans
Jeans. Who doesn't have a pair of old fashioned (or new) jeans in their closet? Jeans are cute and stylish, and these jeans are particularly cute. Whether the jeans are dark wash or light wash, a pair of jeans are perfect to have, hanging in your closet. I mean, what DOESN'T go with jeans? I feel good knowing that pulling on a pair of jeans will assure that most of what I have in my closet will go with them.

3. Floral Skirt
A floral skirt is fun and cute, and not to mention totally girly! Infinity scarves, ballet flats, and plain colored shirts (with the same color scheme) harmonize well with floral skirts. This skirt would look nice with light pink, black, and cream colored shirts and/or accessories. Skirts are always nice to have, and owning a floral skirt will be great to have. And not only is it good to have a floral skirt, skirts of other patterns are good as well. Also, a skater skirt is a good option to have.

4. Ballet Flats
A pair of ballet flats are not only comfy, but they are super cute too! These flats are especially cute because of the pattern inside, and because of the overall simplicity of them. Black flats are my favorite because they go with EVERYTHING. I can't think of how many outfits can go with a pair of classy black flats. They are fancy with some outfits, yet they can be toned down and be casual for other outfits. These shoes are very versatile. They are great for your closet!

5. Infinity Scarf
An infinity scarf is cute, comfy, and a very stylish accessory to every outfit! I recommend a cable knit (like this one) or solid color infinity scarf, so it can match your outfits. The plainer the scarf, the better it can match with your outfits. White, black, or gray scarves are probably best, although other colors, like light blues and pastels, might go as well, depending on the colors in your closet. Colors aside, infinity scarves are super cute, and I love them!

 So these are some things that you should have in your closet, because they are essentials to mixing and matching!
 Also, I didn't do a post on what I got for Christmas. Should I? Comment if you want one.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3