Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas gifts... part 1?

Hey girls,
 If you were to say that Christmas was a full and hilariously entertaining day of food, family, and fun (and amazing gifts!), I would identify with you and say that my Christmas was exactly like that. How was your Christmas celebrations? I hope they were amazing and just as fun as mine! I had tons of fun with my family in Canada, and it was snow-free on December 25th! That was easily ruined when it snowed on December 27th. They say that luck never lasts, and that's probably true. All the snow that held back leading up to Christmas was just itching to break free and snicker at all of the horror-stricken faces, like mine when I found out that the bliss of no snow was soon to be curbed.
 Snow aside, I had a great time, especially when giving and getting presents. In the receiving presents department, I wasn't disappointed! I got gifts that were on my wish list, and they were some very stylish items! Below is the first part of my gifts that I got. The reason I keep saying part 1 is because first, I'm currently wearing something, actually two somethings, from my wish list. Second is because I have more gifts to open when I get home from Canada from my other side of the family. The catch is that I'm not sure if the items that I will get are wearable, hence the "... part 1?" in the title. There you go. Explanation. I will have an outfit post later in the week featuring some more gifts I got on Christmas. Also, one of my sweaters that I received for Christmas will not be shown because I think I accidentally left at the house of festivities, which I am undoubtedly upset about because it's such a gorgeous sweater! I will be getting it back, though. No worries. :)
 Here is only some of what I got, but I love it nonetheless.

 Skinny Jeans

 Gold Bangles

Book Series: Secrets

Knit Sweater

Long Knit Sweater with Slit at Bottom

Knit Sweater with Hood and Pockets

Gloves, Scented Hand Sanitizer, EOS Lip Balm, Nail Polish

 These is only a few of the gifts I have received. There will be more! But I am obsessed with all of these gifts. I was already dreaming of different outfits that I can make with these pieces, all of with I will show you! I really cannot express in words how excited these gifts are making me. I will resort to expressing my excitement into this blog. I always do.
 Happy early New Years by the way! It's so weird to think that the next time I post on this blog will be in 2016. So savor this post because it's gonna be the last one of the year 2015! I have come so far in this year, and I will only go farther, which will be really great. As I type this, I'm just realizing that there's another milestone to be addressed. This is the first full year of this blog! How awesome! I reference back to when I said that I will only go farther, because it's true. Again, Happy early New Years! See you in 2016!

Hope you liked this post (last one of the year!),

kamila <3

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

 Hey girls,
 Yes! Today is Christmas Day! I cannot tell you how exciting this day is, and it's not just the presents. The Christmas fashions I see everywhere add to my overall swooning during this holiday. I also love spending time with family, devouring the delicious food, and watching fun Christmas movies (Mean Girls has a Christmas scene in it, technically making it a Christmas movie, right?). 
 Warning! Past this point, this post will get very deep and heavy. If you do not want to progress, stop here. If you're interested, please continue. This really isn't anything I've done before.
 Besides all of this, I think, usually at the end of the day after all of the fun, how unbelievably lucky and fortunate I am to be able to celebrate this holiday how I do. I have three incredibly important things: family, food, and fondness. I am also blessed to have water, air, and shelter. All of this is necessary for a great Christmas for me. Presents aren't even included. I am lucky to have what I need. So, I am not necessarily clamoring for gifts. Christmas isn't all about gifts. Like it or not, the reason for Christmas, the fact that Christmas exists, is the birth of Jesus, not the acceptance of gifts.
 I'm not going to be naive and say that I don't see the people sitting outside in the cold, rattling cups of change. I'm not going to say they don't exist, or they are only a small population of people. Even if they were, they are still here. The people who don't have homes, or food, or maybe not even a family. The less fortunate will have a Christmas most likely filled with poverty and sadness. Where do they go? I think about these people, and other people, as I celebrate, careful to not let them out of my thoughts. I need to be conscious of their struggles. But not only the homeless.
 The beginning, current, or shakily recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.
 The teen mothers, burdened with a huge responsibility of taking care of a child.
 The people pregnant by force or by accident.
 The people incarcerated.
 The people struggling to make ends meet.
 The people discriminated against.
 The children and adults overworked and underappreciated.
 The children or adults beaten and abused.
 The bullied.
 The depressed.
 The hurt, forgotten, invisible.
 And everyone in between.
 It's hard to imagine all of these people because, really, do you think of these kinds of people on a daily basis? But during Christmas, many of these people will be going through an extremely difficult time. Their holiday spirit might be only a sliver, or completely gone. Thinking about them can help, even if they don't know.
 It's also a good idea to give to these people. Giving gifts is not only better for others, it's better for yourself. You might think that Christmas without gifts would be strange, but really, it's Christmas without love and spirit and joy that's strange. But unfortunately, some people have to go through the lack of love, spirit, and joy year-round, and it's normal for them. That shouldn't be the case.
 So let's help.
 One way is to think about them, pray for them, and do anything you can with yourself to make sure you're thinking about these people. You can also give them a Christmas miracle. Give gifts. Give money. Give time. Give your service. That will go such a long way. It will pay of for you and them in the long run, and who knows, you could just change that person's life forever.
 Think about this, when you're giving and receiving gifts and the wonderful Christmas spirit. You could change a life!
Have a very merry Christmas, from Fashion teal!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

Monday, December 21, 2015

Two shoes to covet this holiday season

Hey girls,
 The holiday season is in full swing, which means that the need for stylish holiday shoes is in major demand. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect shoe to wear to parties and through the New Years. It's fun to online shop (and I mean extremely satisfying), but who wants to comb through online shops day after day, getting frustrated that your sole mate is nowhere to be found?
 I experienced some of this anxiety, but fortunately I found not one, but two pairs that I am absolutely in love with. Both of them are so chic and extremely versatile, meaning that I can wear them on New Year's Eve and even throughout the year. I feel in the holiday spirit even more, if that's possible, because I have found these shoes.

 I love these flats because the style is one of which I really like. Included in the design is a lovely pointed toe, a chic d'orsay detail, and a gorgeous ankle strap. Even the Valentino-like rockstuds add a much needed addition to the flat. These shoes are perfect for the holidays not only because they are red and off-white (perfect for Christmas!), but they are the perfect casual holiday staple to dress up a rather informal outfit. The sleek design makes these shoes incredibly special. 

I am in love with these heels because they so very versatile. I could show up looking classy at a Christmas party, ring in the New Year with sassy shoes on my feet, and wear them all year round, still maintaining a dressy look. I really like the bow on the side; it's so adorable. These shoes also have an ankle strap, pointed toes, and a d'orsay style. I know, it's the same style as the flats above, but it's hard to notice at first! The bow is completely breathtaking and that's where all of the focus is drawn to. However, I should be making a promise to myself to experiment with other styles. It will help me grow and change and be exposed to more shoe styles (like rounded toe or loafers).

 These two shoes are ideal for the holiday season. It can be extremely fun to test different shoes during the holiday season to find your holiday shoe stride. I absolutely can't wait to walk into the New Year with amazing shoes!
 OK, enough shoe puns.

 I also want to tell you all that I am leaving for a vacation in Canada to visit family and celebrate Christmas and the New Year! I am so excited to go there; it always so pretty. I will be showcasing my style in Canada during my vacation.   :)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday party

Hey girls,
 There are so many people in the world. More than 7 billion, actually. Many people on this Earth equals many different styles. And while I can't list them all, I can certainly think of a few styles for the upcoming Christmas season, especially the parties.
 People can most of the time rely on one style to take them into any party. Some people mix styles and make it work. My style would probably have to be the third outfit, more of a fun and a little more casual take on an prim and proper attire. Again, people are different, so different styles work for different people. Either way, any of these outfits would look fashionably chic at any party you choose to attend! Except for formal holiday parties, those are a different story.
 The ensembles pictured below belong to four categories. In order, the outfit styles are traditional, casual, everyday formal, and bold.
 I used the effect of makeup so each of these outfits can be solidified into their categories. I may not say it a lot, but makeup speaks volumes for an outfit. It creates a mood that sometimes accessories and shoes cannot achieve. Makeup compliments style, simple as that.
 I cannot tell you how excited I am about these outfits! I would probably wear all of them, but I'm mostly leaning toward outfit number 3. What's your style?
 If you fit into one of these categories, that's great! I'm hoping that one of these outfits will be right up your alley. If you don't, maybe it could be the time to experiment with a different style. It is almost the New Year, after all. Maybe you'll grow into it! If you prefer to stick to your normal style, altering the outfits below to fit your taste could work.

 Traditional is all about the outfit here. I love how pretty and refined everything is. Some people may say that the colors are dull, but bright colors do not always have to appear in a traditional outfit; as a matter of fact, it's better that there aren't any bright and bold colors, because then the outfit would turn into an ensemble belonging in possibly the third category. I really like these heels because they help the dress up its traditional factor. The slim, fluid, sleek design of the heels would look great on the foot and the clutch matches, which is a big positive. Gold jewelry is included to match the light gold hardware on the clutch purse. Included in the jewelry is a ring set (mentioned in my last post). I'm such a big fan of ring sets lately. Just the way that they can be stacked really makes me gravitate toward wearing more these days.

  Don't always feel like throwing on a dress and heels to dress yourself up? Does the party you're going to even require fancy attire? No problem! Just go casual! Casual attire, contrary to popular belief, is actually a hard style to come up with an outfit for. It's not just about throwing on jeans and a shirt. There are ways to dress up and dress down a casual outfit. There are also many ways to create a casual outfit without jeans (like a skirt! In the aforementioned outfit, consider a plain skirt or a floral skirt), but I just included jeans in this outfit. I like including a color scheme in my outfits, so here, I stuck to a burgundy color palette, ranging from dark to light shades. The pearl earrings are just a fun addition to an otherwise structured outfit. One more thing, I am seriously crushing on these flats. They're everything I could want in a pair of flats: d'orsay and pointed toe. Together, this combination is unstoppable in a flat, and it's everything I look for in this particular type of shoe. Heels in the previously mentioned style work too. But it's a casual outfit, remember? That means no heels allowed!

Everyday Formal:
 This outfit is my favorite for a number of reasons, one being that it is so Christmas! Red, green, and white are the prime colors presented here. Another reason is that it features one of my favorite combinations: midi skirts and pointed toe heels. Whenever faced with an adorably stylish midi skirt, a pair of pointed toe heels immediately pops into my head. I know this is what I was thinking when I came upon the skirt above. Getting into the Christmas spirit, and because this is also included in my midi skirt and pointed toe heel combo, I included red lipstick. I think that red lipstick looks so classy both in this outfit and in general. What better way to break out your favorite red lipstick than featuring it in an outfit with a midi skirt? The lipstick and midi skirt look is so chic and sophisticated. I also am very taken with the adorable bow clutch. It's red, a Christmas color, and the little bow on the top of the clutch is the perfect addition to the size and length of the purse. Furthermore, I added red nail polish just for kicks. You can never say no to Essie nail polish! (It's also the perfect stocking stuffer for women and girls. I know I would love getting some nail polish in my stocking!)

 A look such as this is hard to pull off in many cases. It doesn't mean achieving a fashionable bold look is impossible. The trick with bold outfits is to pair pieces carefully with others to attain a fashionable vivid look, ideal for mostly anywhere. Many people tend to stray away from the bold style because it is so hard to execute a look in this fashion. The outfit shown is more of a casual bold look. It's not done up particularly, but it would still be evident that the style is, in fact, very audacious. Boldness is shown in this outfit by including a big, heavy weighted (in the outfit) tote bag instead of a clutch, wristlet, envelope, or crossbody. Small bags would tend to be shown in an outfit like this, but instead, a trapeze tote was used. Surprise! I would like to note that the shoes worn with this outfit are boots. Not pumps, boots. Bold, right? I also used burgundy makeup to create a striking appearance on the face as well as the outfit. I especially love the phone case. Perfect for the holidays!

 Now, creating outfits should be a little less stressful, now that there's an idea of what style to dress like. I find that I can get ready much more effectively when I have a theme or style in mind to get ready for parties. With this in mind, you can target a specific look to rock at a holiday party, and who knows? Maybe your lipstick could go for a test run!

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

Monday, December 7, 2015

Understated ring set

Hey girls,
 I usually don't talk about jewelry, but I have been obsessed with simple ring sets lately, so I thought I would give it a try. Have I mentioned that I make jewelry? I only have made a few pieces, including a chunky necklace that I will blog about later. Today is all about rings.
 I have just recently made a ring set of four rings, each of similar style. I was inspired by this new trend and this incredible ring set, so I decided to give it a go. Only I decided to deviate from my inspiration by making three dark silver rings and one silver ring that acts as an accent. I also altered the style of the ring. They are very thin, bordering on nonexistent, and instead of being joined together to create one unbroken band, I decided not to join the ends together, instead, making the ends pass each other and create a different style that makes the uncomplicated rings different from the usual band and a bit more complicated. The feel of the rings is very delicate and fragile, and they instantly elevate the grace of your hand when you slip them on. My original vision was to wear them on different fingers, on different heights of the finger, but it easily possible to create a vision where the rings are stacked on on or two fingers.

rings: handmade
 The one thing I love about these rings is how dainty they make my hand look. I love how they look so pretty, that your hand looks just as elegant and pretty as well. I feel like my hand moves in such fluid motions when I am wearing these. I just can't get over how pretty my hand looks in these rings. I also admire the one accent silver ring, it draws attention to not only itself but all of the rings as well.
 Jewelry can't prosper without an outfit bringing out its importance, so I want to show you an everyday, street-style outfit that will go with these rings and really highlight their charm. In this outfit, I used juxtaposition to show how delicate these rings are by using black and leather to create a tough-as-nails style. Compared to the tough feel of the outfit, the rings will stand out and seem more ethereal.

 I used the jacket and the boots to create the grunge-ish feeling, then added the florals and the necklace and the rings as the object of juxtaposition. This would be a great street style outfit. This outfit adds the right amount of hardcore and pretty to create a perfect outfit to rock on the street.
 Did I mention that the jeans in this outfit are boyfriend jeans? (To understand this comment and possibly laugh, you would need to visit this blog post.)

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday sales guide

Hey girls,
 First, Happy belated Thanksgiving! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was a fun day spent with family and food. I hope that in the midst of your celebrations, you stopped for a moment to give thanks to everything special in your life.
 As you know, Cyber Monday is today, which means some awesome sales! The sales on Black Friday were amazing, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and shopped my heart out! I got two yards of fleece, a half yard of lace, and two yards of satin for upcoming projects. I have already used the lace to add to the vest I made for my Halloween costume:

skirt: handmade
vest: handmade

 Anyway, I want to fill you in on the sales going on on different sites, After all, today is CYBER Monday. I am aware that I will not be showing you every sale on every site, but I will be showing you a few of my favorites. If you want more sites with even more deals, check out this blog post and this blog post because these sites show a Cyber Monday guide as well.
 Here are some of my favorite stores and their Cyber Monday sales:

 30% off everything

 30% off everything (code: BLESSED)

  up to 70% off

 20% off purchase over $25 with code 2020, 30% off purchase over $50 with code 3030, 40% off already reduced sale items with code 4040

 40% off everything

 $50 off purchase over 150, $15 off purchase over $75

 up to 50% off on selected items
 30% off (code: CYBER30)
 25% off (code: THANKS)

 30% off everything (code: CYBER30)

 up to 80% off everything

 up to 40% off everything

 15% off purchase over $250, 20% off purchase over $200, 25% off purchase over $1,000 (code: GOBIG15)

 40% off purchase over $59 (code: cm40), 50% purchase over $159 (code: cm50), 60% off purchase over 299 (code: cm50)

 40% off everything--excludes sale items

 I know which online stores I'm shopping at today! These sales are super exciting, and I can't wait to get my Cyber Monday on! So many of my favorite stores are having sales! What stores will you be shopping at for Cyber Monday?

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3

Monday, November 23, 2015

Anticipating Fall

Hey girls,
 Who's excited for Thanksgiving? I am! I am practically jumping out of my seat in anticipation for the food, family, and fashion. Not necessarily in that order. Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday because it is a time get together and give thanks for everything, from the most ginormous things, like good health, to the most diminutive (but still important), like the fact that I know how to sew. I am very thankful for this! What are you thankful for?
 When looking at this outfit, it really reminded me of a school uniform (the button down and dark khaki colored skirt with the lace up ankle boots). To spice up the outfit a little, I added an adorable kimono sweater from one of my favorite stores, Charlotte Russe. There's nothing like a little Charlotte Russe, the perfect mixture of boho and current fashion.

Button down: Target
Skirt: handmade
Boots: Sam and Libby by Target
Sweater: Charlotte Russe

 This brown color is really hard to style with other colors, but I think that black and white work the best, hence the reason I chose a white button down to go with this skirt. This outfit totally reminds me of walking into a building at school, skirt swinging. Carrying books for my next class, I eagerly anticipate the arrival of Thanksgiving.

Hope you liked this post,

kamila <3