Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve: End of 2014!

Hey guys,
 I can't believe that it is New Year's Eve already! We came so far in 2014. The trends were like every trend in every year: once it comes, it spreads, but only last a few weeks (or months)! 2014 was a great and monumental year, and it is now coming to a close to welcome 2015!
 You may be going to parties or ringing in the New Year with family and friends, and you can still stay stylish while doing that. Here are four outfits based on one shirt that you can wear to welcome the New Year in style:

The shirt is in the center, and all of the outfits are around it:
This classy outfit can be worn anywhere from a fancy party to a party at home. The stunning skirt will bring the elegance, and the bag will town down the overall outfit. Plus, this outfit is versatile because it is perfect for work or a job.
This outfit is very casual, because of the jeans paired with the boots. The embellished necklace creates more of a decorative touch to the outfit. Perfect for a casual day as well. It is great for a casual family party. 
This outfit features shorts, which is very daring, considering it is cold outside. The heels are paired with a matching bag, which is very elaborate, considering the bottoms are, after all, shorts. This outfit is perfect for ringing in the New Year in Times Square, that is, if you're daring enough to be outside with SHORTS on.
4: Skirtringbootsbag
This outfit is very chic and stylish. The skirt is longer than the knee, and the boots are over the knee, so the tops of the boots are not visible. The white bag adds a pop of color besides black and burgundy to the outfit. The ring is very delicate and is very pretty with the outfit. This outfit can be for anything, that's how versatile it is.
 These are four outfits using one top that can easily be worn for New Year's parties. They are all very stylish, and I love them! Ring in the New Year with style! Happy New Year's! :)

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